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Liquidity Mining FAQ

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Mist Mining FAQ

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How to access diamond mining FAQ

I was searching for it but i couldnt find a link in the sidebar, and nothing I put in the search bar helped. I found someones comment with a link to the FAQ so i saved the comment so i can access it whenever I want, but i save quite a lot of posts and comments normally so itll proabably get buried soon, so I want a more reliable link or way to access it. Does anyone know a way I can do so?
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Paralism Mining FAQ

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Lyra2REv3 Fork Mining FAQ and Information

Core Wallet with v3 - All Versions
It is highly HIGHLY recommended to not mine towards any wallet but the core wallet or any wallet that has you store the full copy of the blockchain locally. The volume of transactions typical in mining can often overload the servers of light wallets like electrum and other similar wallets....and exchanges often will charge you by deducting from your mining rewards if you send their wallets too many transactions in a small amount of time. Please use the official Core Wallet for mining.
Nvidia VTC's CCminer
Nvidia Tpruvot's CCminer
Nvidia CryptoDredge (closed source 1% fee)
AMD Lyclminer
AMD TeamRedMiner (closed source 2.5% fee)
All GPUs - VTC's OneClickMiner
How do I set up the miners?
AMD Windows / AMD Linux
Nivida Windows (old video, use software versions linked above, not what is in video)
In-Depth Image guide
P2Pool - Vertcoin valuing decentralization will always recommend p2pool first and formost. It applies the same principles as blockchian to distributing and sharing hashrate and pool rewards. Run your own mining node as part of the network or mine towards someone else's.
You can find P2Pool nodes to mine towards by checking out these scanner websites:
P2Pool Network 1 Nodes(Recommended for people with >100+Mh/s)
P2Pool Network 2 Nodes(Recommended for people with <100+Mh/s)
P2Pool Proxy Pool(Recommended for people with <20Mh/s)
All of the below pools are operated by third parties, and their listing here is not to be taken as an endorsement of any kind. Always DYOR, many of them have their own websites, discords, or other media.
You can also check our Old Pool List for longer standing pools, however I've not seen statements of supporting the rev3 fork other than the ones mentioned above.
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GTX970 Mining FAQ

Hope these can save someone time. Solutions found around the internet, some of them are not credited to me.
Updated on 24 Aug 2017, getting useful information from here.
The new recommend way is to use latest release of new ethminer.exe, latest drivers for better performance. Always use CUDA to prevent hogging one of your CPU core to 100%.
Q: My miner crashes on latest drivers / all cuda drivers are busy
A: Go to NVIDIA Control Panel -> Manage 3D Settings -> DSR - Factors -> 1.2X.
Q: I only get 3MH/s
A: Install latest drivers and go to NVIDIA Control Panel -> Manage 3D Settings -> Optimize for compute performance -> On.
Q: Overclocking has no effect on hashrate.
A: AFAIK, Some miner doesn't care your current clock speed, you have to flash modified bios into that card, use Maxwell II BIOS Tweaker and NVFlash to do it. Overclock memory speed, not clock speed. You need clock speed for GTX970
Q: Why I get like 17MH/s while others can get like 23MH/s
A: This is because NVIDIA did not treat your miner as performance intensive app. You need to force it. Run cmd as admin,
cd C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NVSMI nvidia-smi -ac 3505,1455 
3505 is your memory clock. If you modded your bios you need to change this to your value.
Q: My screen so lags while mining
use "--cuda-grid-size 1024"
Q: My screen tend to freeze until everything stopped working, had to hard reset
A: This bothers me a lot, the current solution I found is to quit the miner, wait the screen to flash for a second then continue to do other things.
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NKN mining FAQ

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Vertcoin Mining FAQ and Quick-Start Links

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Grin Mining FAQ

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Mining FAQ for Everyone Who Wants to Help Get us to the 6th Tier

Disclaimer: I may be missing questions, here. Please feel free to add your own in the comments section. ALSO, I WILL ANSWER EVERY mining-related question posted in the comments to the best of my ability, because I know I have missed some here.
I can't find any rocks with the metals I want (Palladium, for the most part). Am I doing something wrong?
No, unless you are accidentally mining the same rocks over and over, or mining in either a RES (Resource Extraction Site), or a non-metal region of asteroids (Ring, or belt). The content of an asteroid seems to be completely random, relative to the type of ring you are in. I.e., if you are in a rocky ring, it is unlikely, if not impossibly, that you will find metals such as palladium. If you are mining the same rocks on accident, or think it may be possible that you are doing this, it is wise to pick a direction, and simply continue onward in that direction every time you are looking for a new rock to mine.
Are prospectors really worth it/necessary?
Yes. I cannot stress this enough. Prospectors have three key effects/features that make them absolutely necessary. These are as follows: 1). Limpets are dirt cheap. One single ton of painite pays for 300 of them. Do not go easy on the limpet purchasing. You can always dump some if you max out your cargo while mining. This cheapness of limpets allows for more mining, and also means that you are, essentially, ONLY making profit. 2). Prospector limpets tell you what is in an asteroid. This is an obvious benefit. BUT THERE IS ANOTHER, following this same vein. If YOU prospect a rock and it has 50% palladium in it, tell your friends who are mining with you. If they do NOT launch their own prospector, and instead lock on to yours and mine the same rock, you will BOTH get the FULL yield of the ruck. I.e., if you were to get a total of 12T of palladium from a rock mining it by yourself, you would 12T EACH if you both locked on to the same prospector. 3). You literally get twice the amount of ore from mining with prospectors. What do I mean by this? Miner mines a palladium rock with no prospector; he gets 5T of palladium. But, if a miner mines that same rock with a prospector, he would get 10T.
I have a small ship and am not that great at mining, I think. Should I even bother?
Yes. Think of it like this. I often fly a T9, Anaconda, Clipper, or Python for mining. I get a LOT of stuff per trip, BUT, my trips are often a lot longer, simply because I am having to fill a lot more cargo and am having to use up a lot more limpets. Even with sending 12 limits out at a time, it still takes a while to use up 380 limpets. Now, with a small ship you bring in much less per trip, but may make up to 10-15 more trips for each trip that one of the larger ships makes. So if you can carry 10 tons of metal per trip, that 10-15 runs will equal anywhere from 50-150T of palladium. That is the average amount any large ship might bring in, if he isn't being terribly particular about the metals he mines. IT IS WORTH IT. PLEASE HELP.
What is the best mining build?
Short answer? I do not know, and I would suggest that there may not be a BEST build. Instead of answering that, I will simply mention those things which might make your build better. 1) within the context of being able to keep a light shield, prospector controller, and collector controller, and refinery, have as much cargo space as possible. 2). I do not believe speed really has that great of an effect on mining ability/efficiency, so if you are trying to decide between a larger cargo space ship that is slower and a smaller cargo space ship that is faster, I would vote to chose the larger, but slower ship. This is especially relevant in this CG, where the CG is very close to a few pristine, metallic rings. 3). you don't need 8 hard points like the anaconda has for mining lasers. The general idea is to get as many mining lasers as it takes to bring the depletion time and refining time as close to possible to avoid boring waiting periods and to increase efficiency.
Where is the best place to mine?
In the context of this CG, there are two recommended locations. That is the system 38 Lyncis, or I have also heard (though I have not gone there, myself, that HIP 43296 is a good spot. If you don't want to go to either of those, just find any ring or belt that is of the metallic type, with pristine reserves. (On any ring or belt, do not go to the HAZRES sights or RES sights. Their only benefit is that they have NPCs to kill. (But also NPCs to kill you). Picking a RANDOM spot on a ring will significantly lower the chances that you will be attacked by an NPC or player. (though it can still happen).
Why should I care about this CG/mining?
*CG-You should care because this station is going to be put, whether we like it or not, in the location at which the Unknown Artifacts are pointing (Merope). Whatever your theory on what lies at Merope, or what WILL lie at Merope, it is logical that we would want to be as equipped as possible for whatever lies in our future. Mining for this CG improves the quality of the station. i.e., will it have shipyard/outfitting/blackmarket, etc..
mining - this is just my opinion. I have not crunched the numbers. Mining should only REALLY matter if you own one of the larger ships. As far as risk/profit ratio is concerned, mining in the ways that I have described here, provide the most profit for the least mount of risk. Commodities are nice and fast, but you lose the money that you used to buy the commodities, and the rebuy cost of your ship if you die. Whereas, you only lose the rebuy cost and cost of the limpets if you die mining.*
Should I mine alone, or not? I don't want my friends stealing my ore.
Short answer? not. I won't really provide a long answer. See my answer to the second question, for my answer to this question. Mining with friends gets you BOTH more of the best rocks.
What is the best mining ship?
Just like the best mining build. I don't know, nor do I know if there even is a BEST ship. If you want to avoid boredom in spending a long time in the ring, get a smaller ship. You will make more back and forth trips and see more things. If you can stand the 2 hour long mining periods, get the bigger ships. This is all up to personal preference. When it comes down to it, the only things you have to make sure you have are: MINIMAL SHIELDS (for asteroid bumpings), CARGO SPACE, LIMPETS, PROSPECTOR CONTROLLER, COLLECTOR CONTROLLER, and REFINERY.
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Vertcoin Mining FAQ and Quick-Start Links

What are the recommended miners?

How do I set up the miners?

What are the best wallets?

What are the best pools?

How do I tune my graphics cards for mining the Lyra2Rev2 algo that Vertcoin uses?

I've been mining for X hours and I've not gotten paid?

What hashrate is normal?

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TrustNote 2.0 Alpha Testnet Mining FAQ – TrustNote – Medium

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TrustNote 2.0 Alpha Testnet Mining FAQ – TrustNote – Medium

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Sub needs a short mobile mining faq

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Cryptonex POS Mining faq

What type of mining do you have?
We have P-o-S mining, so there’s no need to invest in mining hardware. It’s enough to buy CNX transfer it to a wallet for Windows/Linux/MacOS and to keep online as far as possible. You will gain income from P-o-S mining.
What do I need to start mining?
1) Download Cryptonex wallet for macOS/Windows/Linux 2) Sign up 3) Transfer coins from a web wallet to the wallet on your computer; 4) In an hour you can start mining. It’s automatic. All you need is to keep the wallet online.
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Smithing&Mining FAQ and developer preview

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BAOS Linux Mining FAQ

free Zcash Eth Nvidia AMD Mining OS (BAOS) Pendrive Linux OS
Login with username/password banet/zminer
NEW! Easy web configuration and control at
/home/banet/zec-dstm /home/banet/eth-claymore-dual
Start mining Zcash or Eth! Contact us at [email protected]
ZEC t1Zmxh4U88q8mGCrReh6Xz44wULDcU2mzD9 BCH 1BEz7cUYfis4NkZ35zLtfp12iaFRf4EoFm
Running on over 200 rigs today!
Community tested at
The live pendrive boot can be used on a machine without hard disk. So you can test without risking your computer data.
In addition the system can be inspected without booting by mounting the .img file as follows
gunzip banet-miner-os-58.img.gz losetup -o 4128768 /dev/loop0 banet-miner-os-51.img mount /dev/loop0 /mnt/disk
You will find stock ubuntu desktop 16.04, plus nvidia driver 390, dstm miner, ewbf miner, eth claymore dual miner.
Contains stock ubuntu desktop 16.04, plus driver amdgpu-pro-17.40, linux kernel patched for amd blockchain drivers, claymore-dual 11.5, optiminer, optiminer zero, optiminer equihash, ethminer, atiflash, ohgodatool, lm-sensors
Look for the file ending in sha256sum.txt at It contains the sha256 signature of the latest .img.gz file
Use, download at or at
After putting password, ubuntu desktop does not start
make sure you set the bios to Disable Secure Boot (UEFI) boot type LEGACY (not UEFI)
For Asus PTP aware OS: is set to 'Not PTP Aware' in the bios. Finally, ensure you 'Clear Secure Boot Keys' in the bios.
Disable Secure Boot (UEFI).
Make sure your pendrive is selected as the first boot option on your bios. Important: Set the boot option to "LEGACY" on bios (no UEFI)
To configure your bios press F2, F10 or DEL during boot

edit your parameters for each GPU and run the script as root

sudo sh

The system is designed to be used without a hard disk. But you can install it
At boot time choose the option hard disk install
Select a partition, '/' mount point root , filesystem and click the green arrow button. Select a partition, '/boot/efi' mount point uefi , filesystem and click the green arrow button.
You can boot without a monitor, but with low resolution for VNC access. You can simulate a regular monitor with an hdmi to vga adaptor. It only needs to be connected to the 1st GPU at boot time.
boot type LEGACY (not UEFI) BIOS => Advanced Mode(F7) - Advanced\System Agent (SA) Configuration\DMI/OPI Configuration - DMI Max Link Speed - Gen2 BIOS => Advanced Mode(F7) - Advanced\System Agent (SA) Configuration\PEG Porn Configuration - PCIEX16_1 Link Speed - Gen2 BIOS => Advanced Mode(F7) - Advanced\PCH Configuration\PCI Express Configuration - PCIe Speed - Gen2 BIOS => Advanced Mode(F7) - Advanced\Onboard Device Configuration - HD Audio Configuration - Disabled BIOS => Advanced Mode(F7) - Advanced\Onboard Device Configuration - LED Lighting - Disabled BIOS => Advanced Mode(F7) - Advanced\Onboard Device Configuration - Charging USB devices in Power State S5 - Disabled BIOS => Advanced Mode(F7) - Advanced\Onboard Device Configuration\Serial Port Configuration - Serial Port 1 - Off BIOS => Advanced Mode(F7) - Advanced\System Agent (SA) Configuration - Above 4G Decoding - Enable BIOS => Advanced Mode(F7) - Advanced\RPM Configuration - Restore AC Power Loss - Power On
Also ensure PTP aware OS: is set to 'Not PTP Aware' in the bios. Finally, ensure you 'Clear Secure Boot Keys' in the bios.

boot type LEGACY (not UEFI) Advanced > System Agent (SA) Configuration > DMI/OPI Configuration > DMI Max Link Speed: Gen1 Advanced > System Agent (SA) Configuration > PEG Port Configuration > All PCIEX16_x to : Gen1 Advanced > PCH Storage Configuration > All SATA devices that do NOT have an SSD set to: Disabled Advanced > PCH Configuration > PCI Express Configuration > PCIe Speed set to: Gen1 Advanced > Onboard Devices Configuration > HD Audio Controller: Disabled Advanced > APM Configuration > Restore AC Power Loss: Power On (optional. this is for hard crashes or power interruption reboots once mining) Boot > Fast Boot: Disabled Boot > Above 4G Decoding: Enabled
Also ensure PTP aware OS: is set to 'Not PTP Aware' in the bios. Finally, ensure you 'Clear Secure Boot Keys' in the bios.
Asus Prime Z370-P 8 GPU (requires i3 processor) ASUS PRIME Z270-A (7x gpu: 9x if you use 2x m2 adapters) ASUS Z270-F GAMING (7x gpu: 9x if you use 2x m2 adapters) ASRock H110 PRO BTC+ (13x gpu) BIOSTAR TB250-BTC PRO (12x gpu) ASRock H81 PRO BTC (6x gpu) BIOSTAR TB85 (6x gpu) MSI Z270-A PRO (6x gpu: 7x if you use 1x m2 adapter) GIGABYTE GA-B250M-Gaming 3 (4x gpu) BIOSTAR TB250-BTC (6x gpu) MSI Z170A GAMING M5 (7x gpu) GIGABYTE GA-Z270P-D3 (6x gpu) ASUS PRIME H270-PLUS (3x gpu) ASUS B250 MINING EXPERT (13x gpu) (partial support)
If you are using an ASUS B250 MINING EXPERT ; ensure you enable Launch CSM option in the bios before connecting the pendrive.
If you are using an ASRock H110 PRO BTC+ or ASRock H81 PRO BTC or BIOSTAR TB85; no changes to the bios settings are needed.
If you are using a BIOSTAR TB250-BTC PRO; ensure Mining Mode is enabled in the bios. Also ensure Max TOLUD is set to 3.5 GB in the bios. NOTE: you must first only connect 6x GPUs, boot, make Bios changes, save and reboot, shutdown, add the other 6x GPUs, attach the USB or SSD and boot
If you are using an MSI Z270-A PRO; ensure you enable Above 4G memory option in the bios before connecting the pendrive
If you are using a GIGABYTE GA-B250M-Gaming 3; ensure the Audio Controller is disabled in the bios.
If you are using a BIOSTAR TB250-BTC; ensure Miner Mode is enabled in the bios. Also ensure Max TOLUD is set to 3.5 GB in the bios.
If you are using an ASUS Z270-F GAMING; ensure 'Above 4G Decoding' is enabled in the bios. Also ensure PTP aware OS: is set to 'Not PTP Aware' in the bios. Finally, ensure you 'Clear Secure Boot Keys' in the bios.
If you are using an MSI Z170-A GAMING M5; ensure 'Above 4G Decoding' is enabled in the bios. Also download, unzip and copy to a usb key ( the 2016-12-19 Version 1.D ) Bios and follow instructions to flash the bios.
If you are using an ASUS PRIME Z270-A; ensure 'Above 4G Decoding' is enabled in the bios. Also ensure PTP aware OS: is set to 'Not PTP Aware' in the bios. Finally, ensure you 'Clear Secure Boot Keys' in the bios.
If you are using a GIGABYTE GA-Z270P-D3; ensure the Audio Controller is disabled in the bios.
If you are using a ASUS PRIME H270-PLUS; You must update the bios; with this motherboard it can be done by connecting an ethernet cable and entering the EZ Flash 3 Utility. Select DHCP and download then install the update. It should look like this. After updating ensure 'Above 4G Decoding' is enabled in the bios.
If you are using a BIOSTAR RACING Z170GT7; Ensure you are only using the first 6 pcie slots closest to the CPU. Ensure you set Security Device Support to: Disable Finally ensure you set the max TOLUD to 3.5 gb
Troubleshoot by setting M.2 to PCIe mode and setting everything to Gen2 or Gen1
Another test you can do is checking that the M.2 is detected by the motherboard by pluging an SSD for M.2 and seeing if it appears on the BIOS
Updating the BIOS
Last resort is buying a PCIE expansion to 3 PCIE slot and forgetting about the M.2 adapter
ssh -R 8090:localhost:22 [email protected]
autossh -M 0 -o "ServerAliveInterval 30" -o "ServerAliveCountMax 3" \ -R 8090:localhost:22 [email protected]
ssh -l banet localhost -p 8090
edit the file nano /home/banet/
API_KEY=538845721:AAF_AlVMq3zSWDQnm7prsPgiQUpd-vKvsRw CHAT_ID=416523488 text=$1
wget -q "$API_KEY/sendmessage?chat_id=$CHAT_ID&text=$text miner rebooted at $(date)"

replace chat_id above with

to get the chat_id for your telegram user send a telegram message to @banetzminer_bot

then go to

Configure your cloud stats agent by editing /home/banet/stats/settings.json start the agent with python &
view stats at
nano settings.json
example for dstm miner use
"host": "localhost" "port": 2222, "name": "rig115", "type": 3, "password": null "accessToken": "null"
Happy Mining !
Contact us at [email protected]
ZEC t1Zmxh4U88q8mGCrReh6Xz44wULDcU2mzD9 BCH 1BEz7cUYfis4NkZ35zLtfp12iaFRf4EoFm
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ETC Mining FAQs: Timestamp and Orphan Rate

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Larger scale mining FAQ?

Anyone have a link to a FAQ/forum post(s)?/anything regarding setting up a larger sized mining operation. Something with hundreds of miners and technical questions/answers/tips that can save a new operation some headaches. Appreciate any/all links that are applicable.
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Larger scale mining FAQ? /r/BitcoinMining

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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: GTX970 Mining FAQ /r/EtherMining

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Someone needs to fix the potcoin website mining FAQ

Seriously, errors everywhere... the url to crypto is wrong, links wrong to the authors software, get it together! Make it easier for new people getting excited about this.
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Mining Guide  GENSHIN IMPACT - YouTube Everything you need to know about MINING  How to fit a ... Ravencoin Mining Guide  2020 KAWPOW Hardfork  Windows ... [OSRS] Ultimate 1-99 Mining Guide (Fastest/Profitable ... Star Citizen Mining Tutorial - YouTube

Mining Frequently Asked Questions FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS <Bookmark> 1. Did deletion of Map 14 impact the Hearing Examiners recommendation for Troyer Brothers (DCI2016-00025)? No. The Hearing Examiner evaluated the request assuming adoption of CPA2016-00006 to add the Troyer Brothers property to Map 14. Based on the assumed location of the ... NERVA Mining FAQ. Here we aim to address some of the most commonly asked questions about mining. What is Mining? Mining is the process by which transactions are validated on the blockchain. If you're new to (proof-of-work) cryptocurrencies and haven't grasped the basics of mining, that is beyond the scope of this document and there are many ... Process Mining FAQ. Process Mining can seem a bit ambiguous to those who are unfamiliar with it. If that is the case for you, you’re in the right place! Process Mining can be complex and multifaceted: we are here to walk you through what it is exactly, how it can help you, what you’ll need to begin, and more. Register now at Honest Mining, get 5 FREE HNST and Discover the Future of Crypto Mining. Our mission is building trustworthy and easy crypto mining that is accessible to everyone. I’ve done a few posts and videos about mining since I started this blog, and get lots of questions! Here is an introduction and some answers to FAQ’s – they don’t delve into all the details, and provide a good overview for a new or aspiring miner.

[index] [2248] [3715] [2961] [2004] [4354] [1138] [2584] [5542] [6508] [2681]

Mining Guide GENSHIN IMPACT - YouTube

The ultimate mining guide for osrs. Updated for 2020 with all the best methods whether you like to afk, make money, or get it done quick. Mining is one of th... Ravencoin just changed their mining algorithm making it VERY profitable for GPU miners! Learn how to mine Ravencoin with the best miner's on Windows and Linu... Welcome to my complete level 1 to 99 Mining Guide for Oldschool Runescape. This video will take you through everything you need to know to level your Mining ... Ok so here is my EVE Echoes guide to mining with a full in-depth breakdown of my spreadsheet which I use to determine the best ore to mine to make money (hin... Hawkes Gaming welcomes you to my 2020 Elite Dangerous mining guide. This how to laser mine for LTD in Elite Dangerous will show you everything you need to kn...