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Ultimate Needtobreathe Song Bracket - Discussion

Hey guys,
Y'all seemed to like my idea from a previous post to do an Ultimate Needtobreathe Song Bracket to find the best NTB song. I still wanna do it; I'll probably hold it a few weeks after the release of Out of Body. Right now, I need y'all's help to figure out a few things, the first of which being the songs that will be in it. Ideally, the bracket will have 128 songs (seeded by popularity) for 7 complete rounds of single-elimination 1v1s.
The following 97 songs are automatically in because they are full-length, original (not remade) studio-recorded tracks that have been or will be officially released by Needtobreathe:
  1. Don’t Wait for Daylight
  2. Quit
  3. Shine On
  4. Don’t Leave Just Yet
  5. Haley
  6. You Are Here
  7. Knew It All
  8. More Than
  9. Over Now
  10. Lost
  11. I Won’t Look Back
  12. Restless
  13. Again
  14. Return
  15. We Could Run Away
  16. Streets of Gold
  17. More Time
  18. Signature of Divine (Yahweh)
  19. Looks Like Love
  20. The Heat
  21. Nothing Left to Lose
  22. Moving On
  23. Washed by the Water
  24. Second Chances
  25. The Outsiders
  26. Valley of Tomorrow
  27. Through Smoke
  28. Lay ‘Em Down
  29. What You’ve Done to Me
  30. Hurricane
  31. These Hard Times
  32. Stones Under Rushing Water
  33. Prisoner
  34. Won’t Turn Back
  35. Girl Named Tennessee
  36. Something Beautiful
  37. Garden
  38. Let Us Love
  39. Oohs and Ahhs
  40. White Fences
  41. Drive All Night
  42. A Place Only You Can Go
  43. Slumber
  44. The Reckoning
  45. Able
  46. Maybe They’re on to Us
  47. Wanted Man
  48. Keep Your Eyes Open
  49. Tyrant Kings
  50. Devil’s Been Talkin’
  51. Angel at My Door
  52. Learn to Love
  53. Cops (B-Side)
  54. Disaster Road (B-Side)
  55. Solomon’s Ashes (B-Side)
  56. Happy If You Could (Demo)
  57. Wasteland
  58. State I’m In
  59. Feet, Don’t Fail Me Now
  60. Oh, Carolina
  61. Difference Maker
  62. Rise Again
  63. The Heart
  64. Where the Money Is
  65. Multiplied
  66. Brother
  67. More Heart, Less Attack
  69. MONEY & FAME
  73. GREAT NIGHT (feat. Shovels & Rope)
  78. CLEAR
  82. CAGES
  83. Bridges Burn
  84. Darling
  85. Bullets
  86. Forever On Your Side (with JOHNNYSWIM)
  87. Mercy’s Shore
  88. Alive
  89. Hang On
  90. Survival (feat. Drew & Ellie Holcomb)
  91. Child Again
  92. Out of Body
  93. Who Am I
  94. Banks
  95. Riding High
  96. Bottom of a Heartbreak
  97. Seasons
That leaves room for 31 more songs. A few other songs that I think should definitely be in:
  1. Brother (feat. Gavin DeGraw) (the more popular version of Brother, not the Rivers in the Wasteland version)
  2. Wasteland - Down the River Radio Version
  3. The Heart - Rapids Version (not actually too sure if this should be in; it isn't too different from the original)
  4. Difference Maker - Easy Coast Version
  5. Stand By Me - Acoustic Live
  6. HARD LOVE (feat. Serena Ryder) [its music is actually different from the original, unlike the Andra Day and Lauren Daigle versions]
  7. State I'm In - Live from the Woods
  8. Wanted Man - Live from the Woods
  9. Wasteland - Live from the Woods
What others do y'all think should be in? Other live/acoustic/alt versions are welcomed, as well as unreleased tracks (note that because I'm planning on seeding by popularity, unreleased tracks will go against the most popular songs and will probably be eliminated in the first round. Doesn't mean we shouldn't include them though).
On a completely different note, do y'all know of a good website/platform to facilitate the voting? Reddit is an option: for the first few rounds, I can make one post with comments for us to vote on by upvoting/downvoting, and when we get to the later rounds, I can make individual posts for each matchup, but if anyone knows of a more efficient way to do the voting I'd love to hear it.
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Comparing Wheeler and Mckenzie: Excess Value Prospects

Edit: Repost from this morning. My spreadsheet listed Jean-Luc Foudy and Jean Luc Foudy as different names after scumming draft rankings. Kasper Simontaival and Kasper Simontaval were also listed as different names. I have now double checked my ranking for any other name variations.
Bob Mckenzie confers with ten scouts and makes a draft board for TSN each year. Unlike other scouts work, his board is designed to best approximate an NHL draft — and is known as the best predictor of prospect selections. Every year there are risers and fallers certainly, but his model sees less fluctuations when compared to any other popular public board. In 2019, Mckenzie was one of the few boards that listed Nick Robertson as a mid second and Mikko Kokkonen as an early third — both were picked soon after. In 2018, he had Rasmus Sandin and Sean Durzi ranked 2-3 spots ahead of where the Leafs selected each of those prospects. While an individual draft selection by a team can vary wildly, we can use Mckenzie’s board to approximate which prospects should be available to the Leafs with pick 51 this year, and who might slip into the fourth round.
Scott Wheeler is a scout and journalist who currently works for the Athletic. His scouting has changed year over year — he has specifically written about being too low on a prospect like Rasmus Sandin in 2018 — and based on his draft board in 2019, it seems he is now very aligned with the Leafs scouting staff. He had Robertson and Kokkonen in the 20s, ranked Abramov in the 50s, and listed Abruzzese as a player to keep an eye on. Assuming his scouting will prove equally reliable at identifying players that the Leafs will select, we can compare Wheeler’s draft board with Mckenzie’s draft list, to see which of Wheeler’s top prospects will be available later than they should.
The Best Value Picks:
*Not all prospects are ranked. Any player not ranked (NR) by Mckenzie will be given the ranking 101, since he listed 93 players and 7 honourable mentions.
**Honourable mentions (HM) are not ordered, so all will be given the numerical value 94
Prospect: Mckenzie: Wheeler: Excess Value:
Veeti Miettinen (RW) NR (101) 36 +65
Michael Benning (RD) NR (101) 41 +60
William Villeneuve (RD) HM (94) 38 +56
Carter Savoie (LW) 84 29 +55
Kasper Simontaival (RW) 78 27 +51
Connor McClennon (RW) NR (101) 50 +51
Zion Nybeck (LW) 73 24 +49
Emil Andrae (LD) 67 21 +46
Sean Farrell (C) 85 42 +43
Anton Johannesson (LD) NR (101) 63 +38
Assuming Wheeler is a closer approximation of the Leafs scouting board, there is a tonne of excess value to be found in the draft. Most excess value is in the smallest prospects — which makes sense since this is a draft of tiny, skilled players. Only William Villeneue is over 5’10 on the entire top ten list! Tristen Robins (5’10) continue this trend as the next excess value prospect.
Wheeler is higher on AJHL prospects like Benning and Savoie than almost any other scout I’ve followed, and many other sources specifically warn against ranking these players too high — they aren’t Cale Makar levels of dominance, and there’s a reason that there aren’t many AJHL players taken each year. I would be happy with either as a fourth round selection, but in the second, I think there is too much risk.
Simontaival spent much of the year injured but is scouted as having high end tools, while lacking speed — like the Dubas draft qualities we identified here. He would be an excellent prospect to grab in the second.
Emil Andrae and Zion Nybeck come up as two very high end prospects that should be available when the Leafs pick. Andrae is a smart, defensively responsible LHD. In the SuperElit and the SHL he was trusted with defensive duties despite only being 5’9. Nybeck is a 5’7 winger who tore apart the SuperElit, but his play and usage at the SHL has scouts questioning his ability to be an impact player in more physical leagues.
Other Names To Keep An Eye On:
Lukas Cormier is a +24 value, and projected to go 49th — right around when the Leafs pick. Roni Hirvonen is a +26 and expected to again go when the Leafs pick — both are in line with the excess value the Leafs got with Nick Robertson last draft.
The Worst Value Picks:
*Wheeler ranks 100 prospects for this years draft, and then lists 50 honourable mentions — all of which will be assigned the numerical value 101
**Any prospect not within Wheeler’s 100 prospect board or 50 HMs is not ranked (NR) and will be assigned a value of 151.
Prospect: Mckenzie: Wheeler: Negative Value:
Tyler Kleven (LD) 36 HM (101) -65
Cross Hanas (LW) 88 NR (151) -63
Christoffer Sedoff (LD) HM (94) NR (151) -57
Calle Clang (G) HM (94) NR (151) -57
Bogdan Trineyev (RW) HM (94) NR (151) -57
Daemon Hunt (LD) 44 HM (101) -57
Will Cuylle (LW) 45 HM (101) -56
Ridly Greig (C) 24 71 -47
Jack Findley (C) 55 HM (101) -46
Brock Faber (RD) 56 HM (101) -45
Kleven and Greig are the two high profile players on our list. Listed as late first or early second round picks, I would not pick either in those spots. Hunt, Cuylle, Findley, and Faber are all projected to be taken around the Leafs second, though I wouldn’t feel comfortable selecting them that early in the draft. Findley especially is a 6’5 center who can cycle the puck, is the youngest in the draft, but has so many areas of his game to work on — I would feel ecstatic getting him in the fourth as a long term project.
Hanas is the only player that Mckenzie ranks that Wheeler does not. This is entirely personal preference, as Corey Pronman and other prospect writers have him ranked around the end of the third, but it is interesting that one of Mckenzie’s top ranked prospects was not even seen as a late round option to Wheeler.
Interestingly, high profile prospects like Braiden Schneider, Jake Neighbours, John-Jason Peterka, and Kaiden Ghule all rank as negative value prospects, if selected where Mckenzie projects. If any fall to the Leafs at 51, though, they would be fine value according to Wheeler.
Best Case Scenario on Draft Day:
What does a best case scenario look like for the Leafs, assuming Mckenzie’s order is close to correct and Wheeler’s rankings better indicate NHL success? Here are two possibility:
2nd Round Pick: Emil Andrae
4th Round Pick: Anton Johannesson
4th Round Pick (VGK): Veeti Miettinen
2nd Round Pick: Kasper Simontaival
4th Round Pick: William Villeneuve
4th Round Pick (VGK): Connor McClennon
What’s the likelihood of either? I can’t possibly imagine them happening — most analytics focused writers and even traditional scouts usually have Andrae and Simontaival as early second round picks. For either to fall to the Leafs, enough teams need to avoid small players. The only redeeming factor is that 1/5th of Wheeler’s top 100 prospects are under 5’11 — if even a third of the league refuses to draft small prospects, then the Leafs can get serious value out of small players.
Villeneuve is a right handed defenseman out of the QMJHL, one of the most heavily scouted leagues. He isn’t small, and in a draft with so many small prospects, I imagine quite a few teams will be happy to take him in the third. Johannesson is an exceptionally skilled, small, offensive defenseman. I can’t imagine he falls past teams like Carolina in the third.
Veeti Miettinen had a monster year against players his own age, but struggled in a professional mens league. While some teams will be scared off by a difficult translating his game to a professional level, I believe a number of teams will swing on skill and upside before the Leafs select at 113 and 117 in the fourth. McClennon is a tiny goalscorer who is also questioned on his ability to transition to the NHL — he is seen as a top six or bust player, and with top six upside, a team should swing on him in the third.
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[OC] The best and worst drafts of the last twenty years, based on an AV analysis


I've seen various posts about assessing drafts and while many did a good job, I saw flaws in them that I wanted to fix. So I did this analysis (as well as an analysis of the best drafts which I'll post later).
There are a few key things that I wanted to capture in my analysis:


With that in mind, my analysis was done as follows:
The result is that for each pick, I get a value which tells me how much better or worse it is than other potential picks called Relative AV and I can sum by team to get Total Relative AV
It's important to note that AV accumulates over time so players that haven't finished their career will increase their AV. So more recent drafts will get betteworse in the futre.

Results - Worst Drafts

Here are the 12 worst drafts (#12 and #11 are interesting which is why I didn't just do top 10). Of course, this is by total AV so won't have many recent drafts. However, the list for each year is at the end.
For each team, I give the total score (higher is better), and then for each pick, the AV, the Median AV of players in the window after him and the difference.

12. Dallas, 2009, Total Relative AV: -65.5

Rnd Pick Player Pos CarAV MedianAV AVDiff AVPct
3 69 Jason Williams LB 4 11.0 -7.0 -0.18
3 75 Robert Brewster T 0 9.0 -9.0 -0.23
4 101 Stephen McGee QB 2 7.0 -5.0 -0.13
4 110 Victor Butler LB 6 6.0 0.0 0.0
4 120 Brandon Williams DE 0 3.0 -3.0 -0.08
5 143 DeAngelo Smith DB 1 1.0 0.0 0.0
5 166 Michael Hamlin DB 0 2.0 -2.0 -0.05
5 172 David Buehler K 2 2.0 0.0 0.0
6 197 Stephen Hodge DB 0 2.0 -2.0 -0.05
6 208 John Phillips TE 2 2.0 0.0 0.0
7 227 Mike Mickens DB 0 1.0 -1.0 -0.03
7 229 Manuel Johnson WR 0 1.0 -1.0 -0.03
This one is interesting because there weren't any high pick busts - the Cowboys had no high picks due to the Roy Williams trade and trading down. They had a ton of picks (12) that did nothing and, per the analysis, did worse than the average guys taken after. Not a single player did better than the average pick that followed. You would think they would have hit one by chance alone.

11. Cincinatti, 1999,Total Relative AV: -32.5

Rnd Pick Player Pos CarAV MedianAV AVDiff
1 3 Akili Smith QB 1 87.5 -86.5
2 33 Charles Fisher DB 0 18.0 -18.0
3 65 Cory Hall DB 23 12.0 11.0
4 98 Craig Yeast WR 4 6.0 -2.0
5 135 Nick Luchey FB 3 3.0 0.0
6 173 Kelly Gregg NT 66 0.0 66.0
7 209 Tony Coats G 0 1.0 -1.0
7 245 Scott Covington QB 0 1.0 -1.0
7 249 Donald Broomfield DT 0 1.0 -1.0
On the flip side, compared to the Cowboys, missing completely on your first two high picks is an easy way to get on this list. The main reason this isn't higher is Kelly Gregg who got them a fair bit of value late in the draft and almost cancelled out Akili Smith.

T10. New Orleans, 2003, Total Relative AV: -33

Rnd Pick Player Pos CarAV MedianAV AVDiff
1 6 Johnathan Sullivan DT 10 61.0 -51.0
2 37 Jon Stinchcomb T 44 32.0 12.0
3 86 Cie Grant LB 0 12.0 -12.0
4 102 Montrae Holland G 29 10.0 19.0
5 155 Melvin Williams DE 2 2.0 0.0
6 203 Kareem Kelly WR 0 0.0 0.0
7 231 Talman Gardner WR 0 1.0 -1.0
This draft starts with a bad pick in Sullivan when the players after included Jordan Gross, Kevin Williams, Terrell Suggs, Marcus Trufant and Ty Warren. They did get a couple of good players after but they were only somewhat better than other potential picks.

T10. Oakland, 2001, Total Relative AV: -33

Rnd Pick Player Pos CarAV MedianAV AVDiff
1 28 Derrick Gibson DB 12 42.0 -30.0
2 59 Marques Tuiasosopo QB 1 18.0 -17.0
3 89 DeLawrence Grant DE 13 8.0 5.0
5 158 Ray Perryman DB 0 2.0 -2.0
6 184 Chris Cooper DT 12 1.0 11.0
7 228 Derek Combs DB 1 1.0 0.0
7 229 Ken-Yon Rambo WR 1 1.0 0.0
Simply a case of them missing on every single pick.

8. Tennessee, 2003, Total Relative AV: -33.5

Rnd Pick Player Pos CarAV MedianAV AVDiff
1 28 Andre Woolfolk DB 6 39.5 -33.5
2 60 Tyrone Calico WR 5 20.0 -15.0
3 93 Chris Brown RB 23 14.0 9.0
4 126 Rien Long DT 5 5.0 0.0
5 154 Donnie Nickey DB 8 2.0 6.0
7 225 Todd Williams G 1 1.0 0.0
Not much to say here other than a lot of picks that did nothing compared to the 2nd and 3rd rounds were full of value.

7. Detroit, 2011, Total Relative AV: -34

Rnd Pick Player Pos CarAV MedianAV AVDiff
1 13 Nick Fairley DT 24 41.0 -17.0
2 44 Titus Young WR 8 16.0 -8.0
2 57 Mikel Leshoure RB 5 11.0 -6.0
5 157 Doug Hogue LB 2 4.0 -2.0
7 209 Johnny Culbreath OL 0 1.0 -1.0
This is simply a case of three bad picks in a stacked draft (Fairley isn't a bad player but the guys after him are Quinn, Pouncey, Kerrigan, Solder, Liuget for example). It is somewhat impressive that they made this list with only 5 picks.

6. Detroit , 2006, Total Relative AV: -35.0

Rnd Pick Player Pos CarAV MedianAV AVDiff
1 9 Ernie Sims LB 30 42.0 -12.0
2 40 Daniel Bullocks DB 7 36.0 -29.0
3 74 Brian Calhoun RB 1 7.0 -6.0
5 141 Jonathan Scott T 18 2.0 16.0
6 179 Dee McCann DB 0 5.0 -5.0
7 217 Fred Matua G 0 1.0 -1.0
7 247 Anthony Cannon LB 3 1.0 2.0
Sims was an okay pick. They whiffed on their second rounder and missed out on some value. And then a lot of complete misses.

5. Denver , 2003, Total Relative AV: -36.0

Rnd Pick Player Pos CarAV MedianAV AVDiff
1 20 George Foster T 32 43.0 -11.0
2 51 Terry Pierce LB 1 23.0 -22.0
4 108 Quentin Griffin RB 6 7.0 -1.0
4 114 Nick Eason DT 17 8.0 9.0
4 128 Bryant McNeal DE 0 3.0 -3.0
5 157 Ben Claxton G 0 2.0 -2.0
5 158 Adrian Madise WR 0 3.0 -3.0
6 194 Aaron Hunt DE 0 1.0 -1.0
7 227 Clint Mitchell DE 0 1.0 -1.0
7 235 Ahmaad Galloway RB 0 1.0 -1.0
The 2003 draft makes another appearance. While their first round pick was OK, there were tons of better picks after him. Missing almost completely on 8 picks doesn't help either.

4. Green Bay, 2001, Total Relative AV: -36.0

Rnd Pick Player Pos CarAV MedianAV AVDiff
1 10 Jamal Reynolds DE 3 32.0 -29.0
2 41 Robert Ferguson WR 18 31.0 -13.0
3 71 Bhawoh Jue DB 14 10.0 4.0
3 72 Torrance Marshall LB 7 10.0 -3.0
4 105 Bill Ferrario G 1 7.0 -6.0
6 198 David Martin TE 12 1.0 11.0
A complete miss with their first rounder and nothing to make up for it.

3. Minnesota, Total Relative AV: -65.5

Rnd Pick Player Pos CarAV MedianAV AVDiff
1 7 Troy Williamson WR 8 44.0 -36.0
1 18 Erasmus James DE 6 35.5 -29.5
2 49 Marcus Johnson G 10 14.0 -4.0
3 80 Dustin Fox DB 0 12.0 -12.0
4 112 Ciatrick Fason RB 1 5.0 -4.0
6 191 C.J. Mosley DT 22 1.0 21.0
7 219 Adrian Ward DB 0 1.0 -1.0
Here we come to a draft that many people will think of when they think "bad drafts". And you can see from the score, it is simply on another tier from anything else: -65.5 compared to -36 for #4.
Two awful first round picks in a first round that included Antrel Rolle, Demarcus Ware, Shawn Merriman, Thomas Davis, Derrick Johnson, Roddy White, Logan Mankins, Heath Miller and Aaron Rodgers after the 7th pick. It doesn't help that the rest of their draft did nothing other than a different and not nearly as good CJ Mosley.

2. Denver, 2009, Total Relative AV: -73.5

Rnd Pick Player Pos CarAV MedianAV AVDiff
1 12 Knowshon Moreno RB 33 43.0 -10.0
1 18 Robert Ayers DE 27 39.5 -12.5
2 37 Alphonso Smith DB 8 22.0 -14.0
2 48 Darcel McBath DB 3 24.0 -21.0
2 64 Richard Quinn TE 0 20.0 -20.0
4 114 David Bruton DB 10 3.0 7.0
4 132 Seth Olsen G 3 2.0 1.0
5 141 Kenny McKinley WR 0 1.0 -1.0
6 174 Tom Brandstater QB 0 2.0 -2.0
7 225 Blake Schlueter C 0 1.0 -1.0
I promise you this analysis wasn't done for the sole purpose of shitting on McDaniels. But this draft stands out for how bad it is by numbers alone and the context makes it even worse. The two first round picks were not busts but nothing special... but they passed on guys like Brian Orakpo, Malcolm Jenkins, Brian Cushing, Jeremy Maclin, Alex Mack and Clay Matthews. They then miss on pretty much the rest of their draft, with David Bruton being the best pick - a good special teamer and backup safety.
What makes this even worse is that context I mentioned. One of their first rounders came from trading away Jay Cutler. And even worse, the Alphonso Smith pick came from trading away a 2010 first which was used to draft Earl Thomas. I think if this context was factored in, this would leap to #1

1. St Louis, 2006, Total Relative AV: -88.0

Rnd Pick Player Pos CarAV MedianAV AVDiff
1 15 Tye Hill DB 9 47.0 -38.0
2 46 Joe Klopfenstein TE 3 36.0 -33.0
3 68 Claude Wroten DT 2 7.0 -5.0
3 77 Jon Alston LB 6 9.0 -3.0
3 93 Dominique Byrd TE 0 12.0 -12.0
4 113 Victor Adeyanju DE 13 13.0 0.0
5 144 Marques Hagans WR 1 1.0 0.0
7 221 Tim McGarigle LB 1 1.0 0.0
7 242 Mark Setterstrom G 5 1.0 4.0
7 243 Tony Palmer G 0 1.0 -1.0
A possibly underwhelming winner. A first round bust in a pretty good first round. But what really did them in is whiffing on their next four Day 2 picks and getting absolutely nothing from the rest of their draft.

Worst Drafts by Year

Tm Year TotalRelAV Worst Picks (Relative AV)
CIN 1999 -32.5 1-3 Akili Smith (-86.5), 2-33 Charles Fisher (-18.0), 4-98 Craig Yeast (-2.0)
WAS 2000 -12.5 3-64 Lloyd Harrison (-9.0), 1-2 LaVar Arrington (-8.5), 5-155 Quincy Sanders (-3.0), 4-129 Michael Moore (-2.0)
GNB 2001 -36.0 1-10 Jamal Reynolds (-29.0), 2-41 Robert Ferguson (-13.0), 4-105 Bill Ferrario (-6.0), 3-72 Torrance Marshall (-3.0)
ARI 2002 -23.0 1-12 Wendell Bryant (-31.0), 2-49 Levar Fisher (-25.0)
DEN 2003 -36.0 2-51 Terry Pierce (-22.0), 1-20 George Foster (-11.0), 4-128 Bryant McNeal (-3.0), 5-158 Adrian Madise (-3.0), 5-157 Ben Claxton (-2.0)
OAK 2004 -23.0 1-2 Robert Gallery (-26.0), 4-99 Carlos Francis (-8.0), 5-134 Johnnie Morant (-2.0)
MIN 2005 -65.5 1-7 Troy Williamson (-36.0), 1-18 Erasmus James (-29.5), 3-80 Dustin Fox (-12.0), 2-49 Marcus Johnson (-4.0), 4-112 Ciatrick Fason (-4.0)
STL 2006 -88.0 1-15 Tye Hill (-38.0), 2-46 Joe Klopfenstein (-33.0), 3-93 Dominique Byrd (-12.0), 3-68 Claude Wroten (-5.0), 3-77 Jon Alston (-3.0)
STL 2007 -26.0 1-13 Adam Carriker (-26.0), 5-139 Dustin Fry (-5.0)
JAX 2008 -28.0 1-8 Derrick Harvey (-25.0)
DEN 2009 -73.5 2-48 Darcel McBath (-21.0), 2-64 Richard Quinn (-20.0), 2-37 Alphonso Smith (-14.0), 1-18 Robert Ayers (-12.5), 1-12 Knowshon Moreno (-10.0), 6-174 Tom Brandstater (-2.0)
BUF 2010 -27.0 2-41 Torell Troup (-14.0), 3-72 Alex Carrington (-13.0), 1-9 C.J. Spiller (-7.0), 4-107 Marcus Easley (-6.0), 5-140 Ed Wang (-2.0)
DET 2011 -34.0 1-13 Nick Fairley (-17.0), 2-44 Titus Young (-8.0), 2-57 Mikel Leshoure (-6.0), 5-157 Doug Hogue (-2.0)
SFO 2012 -27.0 1-30 A.J. Jenkins (-23.0), 2-61 LaMichael James (-13.0), 5-165 Darius Fleming (-3.0)
DEN 2013 -16.5 2-58 Montee Ball (-16.0), 5-146 Quanterus Smith (-4.0), 5-161 Tavarres King (-2.0), 6-173 Vinston Painter (-2.0)
SDG 2014 -15.5 3-89 Chris Watt (-7.0), 1-25 Jason Verrett (-6.5), 2-50 Jeremiah Attaochu (-2.0)
CIN 2015 -11.5 3-99 Paul Dawson (-6.0), 1-21 Cedric Ogbuehi (-5.5), 4-135 Marcus Hardison (-4.0), 2-53 Jake Fisher (-2.0)
MIN 2016 -14.0 4-121 Willie Beavers (-8.0), 1-23 Laquon Treadwell (-7.0), 2-54 Mackensie Alexander (-6.0)
DEN 2017 -7.5 2-51 DeMarcus Walker (-6.0), 3-82 Carlos Henderson (-3.0), 3-101 Brendan Langley (-2.0)
NWE 2018 -8.0 1-23 Isaiah Wynn (-6.0), 2-56 Duke Dawson (-3.0)
Some of the recent ones here include NE's 2018 draft which is mainly there since no players other than Michel really played. Denver's 2017 draft is awful so farwith both Henderson's cut, Langley now trying as a WR, Walker barely playing and Butt being injured. 2013 is similar... at least their first round picks were okay that year.

Worst Picks

And the 10 worst picks of the past twenty years. Akili Smith is in a league of his own.
Year Tm Rnd Pick Player CarAV MedianAV AVDiff
1999 CIN 1 3 Akili Smith 1 87.5 -86.5
2003 NOR 1 6 Johnathan Sullivan 10 61.0 -51.0
2003 DET 1 2 Charles Rogers 4 52.5 -48.5
2001 CLE 1 3 Gerard Warren 52 94.0 -42.0
2007 OAK 1 1 JaMarcus Russell 6 47.5 -41.5
1999 CLE 1 1 Tim Couch 30 68.5 -38.5
2000 CIN 1 4 Peter Warrick 27 65.5 -38.5
2007 DEN 1 17 Jarvis Moss 3 41.0 -38.0
2006 STL 1 15 Tye Hill 9 47.0 -38.0
2000 JAX 1 29 R. Jay Soward 2 39.5 -37.5

Results - Best Drafts

Honourable Mention - 2018 Indianpolis Colts and 2017 New Orleans Saints

Rnd Pick Player Pos CarAV MedianAV AVDiff
1 6 Quenton Nelson G 14 7.0 7.0
2 36 Darius Leonard LB 18 4.0 14.0
2 37 Braden Smith G 6 3.0 3.0
2 52 Kemoko Turay OLB 3 3.0 0.0
2 64 Tyquan Lewis DE 3 3.0 0.0
4 104 Nyheim Hines RB 6 1.0 5.0
5 159 Daurice Fountain WR 0 1.0 -1.0
5 169 Jordan Wilkins RB 3 0.0 3.0
6 185 Deon Cain WR 0 0.0 0.0
7 221 Matthew Adams LB 4 1.0 3.0
7 235 Zaire Franklin LB 2 1.0 1.0
Rnd Pick Player Pos CarAV MedianAV AVDiff
1 11 Marshon Lattimore CB 14 10.0 4.0
1 32 Ryan Ramczyk T 25 6.5 18.5
2 42 Marcus Williams S 12 6.0 6.0
3 67 Alvin Kamara RB 30 5.0 25.0
3 76 Alex Anzalone LB 6 3.0 3.0
3 103 Trey Hendrickson OLB 2 3.0 -1.0
6 196 Al-Quadin Muhammad DE 3 0.0 3.0
If we normalize the AV so that each year is somewhat comparable, they are 3rd overall and 10th overall respectively. Of course, this is a small sample size problem so I won't put them in the rankings. But 10 years from now, they might well be in the top 10.

10. Green Bay, 1999, Total Relative AV: 195.0

Rnd Pick Player Pos CarAV MedianAV AVDiff
1 25 Antuan Edwards DB 16 27.0 -11.0
2 47 Fred Vinson DB 2 14.0 -12.0
3 87 Mike McKenzie DB 48 6.0 42.0
3 94 Cletidus Hunt DT 29 6.0 23.0
4 131 Aaron Brooks QB 65 5.0 60.0
4 133 Josh Bidwell P 18 3.0 15.0
5 159 De'Mond Parker RB 2 1.0 1.0
5 163 Craig Heimburger G 1 1.0 0.0
6 196 Dee Miller WR 0 0.0 0.0
6 203 Scott Curry T 0 1.0 -1.0
7 212 Chris Akins DB 4 1.0 3.0
7 213 Donald Driver WR 76 1.0 75.0
We start with a solid but not spectacular draft. It's headlined by getting Driver in the 7th and then is supported by solid picks like Mike McKenzie and Aaron Brooks. It's interesting because they missed on their first two picks.

9. New England, 2000, Total Relative AV: 196.0

Rnd Pick Player Pos CarAV MedianAV AVDiff
2 46 Adrian Klemm G 10 13.0 -3.0
3 76 J.R. Redmond RB 9 9.0 0.0
4 127 Greg Randall T 19 3.0 16.0
5 141 Dave Stachelski TE 0 1.0 -1.0
5 161 Jeff Marriott DT 0 4.0 -4.0
6 187 Antwan Harris DB 5 2.0 3.0
6 199 Tom Brady QB 175 0.0 175.0
6 201 David Nugent DE 2 0.0 2.0
7 226 Casey Tisdale LB 0 1.0 -1.0
7 239 Patrick Pass FB 10 1.0 9.0
The Tom Brady draft. Enough said. Him alone would be #15 and there is just enough value here elsewhere to push them into the top 10.

8. Pittsburgh, 2002, Total Relative AV: 203.5

Rnd Pick Player Pos CarAV MedianAV AVDiff
1 30 Kendall Simmons G 38 23.5 14.5
2 62 Antwaan Randle El WR 41 11.0 30.0
3 94 Chris Hope DB 44 5.0 39.0
4 128 Larry Foote LB 62 5.0 57.0
5 166 Verron Haynes RB 8 3.0 5.0
6 202 Lee Mays WR 1 0.0 1.0
7 212 LaVar Glover DB 0 1.0 -1.0
7 242 Brett Keisel DE 59 1.0 58.0
No stars really, just a whole bunch of good picks later in the draft.

7. Dallas, 2005, Total Relative AV: 214.5

Rnd Pick Player Pos CarAV MedianAV AVDiff
1 11 DeMarcus Ware LB 100 35.0 65.0
1 20 Marcus Spears DE 35 35.5 -0.5
2 42 Kevin Burnett LB 40 24.0 16.0
4 109 Marion Barber RB 40 10.0 30.0
4 132 Chris Canty DE 46 3.0 43.0
6 208 Justin Beriault DB 0 1.0 -1.0
6 209 Rob Petitti T 8 1.0 7.0
7 224 Jay Ratliff DE 56 1.0 55.0
This draft starts and ends with its best picks in Ware and Ratliff. Some additional solid picks like Barber and Canty pushes it to the next level.

6. San Diego , 2001, Total Relative AV: 216.5

Rnd Pick Player Pos CarAV MedianAV AVDiff
1 5 LaDainian Tomlinson HOF RB 128 47.5 80.5
2 32 Drew Brees QB 164 41.0 123.0
3 67 Tay Cody DB 4 10.0 -6.0
4 112 Carlos Polk LB 7 7.0 0.0
5 132 Elliot Silvers T 0 3.0 -3.0
5 139 Zeke Moreno LB 10 3.0 7.0
7 201 Brandon Gorin T 16 1.0 15.0
7 244 Robert Carswell DB 1 1.0 0.0
This is what many people might think of as the GOAT 1/2 picks. Unfortunately the rest of the draft weighs it down.

5. Denver , 2006, Total Relative AV: 218.0

Rnd Pick Player Pos CarAV MedianAV AVDiff
1 11 Jay Cutler QB 87 46.0 41.0
2 61 Tony Scheffler TE 24 8.0 16.0
4 119 Brandon Marshall WR 84 13.0 71.0
4 126 Elvis Dumervil DE 66 12.0 54.0
4 130 Domenik Hixon WR 17 11.0 6.0
5 161 Chris Kuper G 33 2.0 31.0
6 198 Greg Eslinger C 0 1.0 -1.0
In contrast, this draft just has 6 good to great picks and some relative home runs in Marshall and Dumervil.

4. Arizona, 2004, Total Relative AV: 221.0

Rnd Pick Player Pos CarAV MedianAV AVDiff
1 3 Larry Fitzgerald WR 90 64.0 26.0
2 33 Karlos Dansby LB 82 21.0 61.0
3 64 Darnell Dockett DT 72 10.0 62.0
4 100 Alex Stepanovich C 14 8.0 6.0
5 135 Antonio Smith DE 56 2.0 54.0
6 167 Nick Leckey C 14 1.0 13.0
7 202 John Navarre QB 0 1.0 -1.0
A future HOFer, and three good to great defensive players.

3. Seattle , 2012, Total Relative AV: 226.0

Rnd Pick Player Pos CarAV MedianAV AVDiff
1 15 Bruce Irvin DE 37 37.0 0.0
2 47 Bobby Wagner LB 85 16.0 69.0
3 75 Russell Wilson QB 98 10.0 88.0
4 106 Robert Turbin RB 16 8.0 8.0
4 114 Jaye Howard DT 17 8.0 9.0
5 154 Korey Toomer LB 11 5.0 6.0
6 172 Jeremy Lane DB 11 3.0 8.0
6 181 Winston Guy DB 3 1.0 2.0
7 225 J.R. Sweezy DT 37 1.0 36.0
7 232 Greg Scruggs DE 1 1.0 0.0
This speaks for itself. Wagner and Wilson account for most of the value, but it is elevated by solid picks all the way down. One of the big reasons they won a Super Bowl and made another while these guys were on their rookie deals.

2. New Orleans, 2006, Total Relative AV: 271.5

Rnd Pick Player Pos CarAV MedianAV AVDiff
1 2 Reggie Bush RB 61 57.5 3.5
2 43 Roman Harper DB 48 36.0 12.0
4 108 Jahri Evans T 111 17.0 94.0
5 135 Rob Ninkovich DE 52 7.0 45.0
6 171 Mike Hass WR 0 3.0 -3.0
6 174 Josh Lay DB 0 3.0 -3.0
7 210 Zach Strief G 52 1.0 51.0
7 252 Marques Colston WR 73 1.0 72.0
Like the previous one, the first round pick is underwhelming. But a solid pick in Harper, two home runs in Evans and Strief and a grand slam in Colston elevate this draft almost to the top.

1. San Diego, 2004, Total Relative AV: 333.0

Rnd Pick Player Pos CarAV MedianAV AVDiff
1 4 Philip Rivers QB 140 40.0 100.0
2 35 Igor Olshansky DE 37 20.0 17.0
3 65 Nate Kaeding K 22 10.0 12.0
3 66 Nick Hardwick C 68 10.0 58.0
4 98 Shaun Phillips DE 53 8.0 45.0
5 133 Dave Ball DE 15 2.0 13.0
5 154 Michael Turner RB 54 1.0 53.0
6 169 Ryan Krause TE 1 1.0 0.0
7 204 Ryon Bingham DT 6 1.0 5.0
7 209 Shane Olivea T 32 1.0 31.0
7 254 Carlos Joseph T 0 1.0 -1.0
There is an asterisk here as the number 1 pick was technically Eli but swapping those out wouldn't change much. Getting Rivers in a relatively bad draft class (other than QBs) and getting solid to good players for the next 6 picks is sufficient to make this the winner.

Best Worst Drafts by Year

Tm Year TotalRelAV Best Picks (Relative AV)
GNB 1999 195.0 7-213 Donald Driver (75.0), 4-131 Aaron Brooks (60.0), 3-87 Mike McKenzie (42.0), 3-94 Cletidus Hunt (23.0), 4-133 Josh Bidwell (15.0)
NWE 2000 196.0 6-199 Tom Brady (175.0), 4-127 Greg Randall (16.0), 7-239 Patrick Pass (9.0)
SDG 2001 216.5 2-32 Drew Brees (123.0), 1-5 LaDainian Tomlinson HOF (80.5), 7-201 Brandon Gorin (15.0), 5-139 Zeke Moreno (7.0)
PIT 2002 203.5 7-242 Brett Keisel (58.0), 4-128 Larry Foote (57.0), 3-94 Chris Hope (39.0), 2-62 Antwaan Randle El (30.0), 1-30 Kendall Simmons (14.5)
BAL 2003 171.0 1-10 Terrell Suggs (77.0), 4-109 Jarret Johnson (47.0), 5-146 Aubrayo Franklin (38.0), 5-173 Tony Pashos (34.0)
SDG 2004 333.0 1-4 Philip Rivers (100.0), 3-66 Nick Hardwick (58.0), 5-154 Michael Turner (53.0), 4-98 Shaun Phillips (45.0), 7-209 Shane Olivea (31.0), 2-35 Igor Olshansky (17.0), 5-133 Dave Ball (13.0), 3-65 Nate Kaeding (12.0)
DAL 2005 214.5 1-11 DeMarcus Ware (65.0), 7-224 Jay Ratliff (55.0), 4-132 Chris Canty (43.0), 4-109 Marion Barber (30.0), 2-42 Kevin Burnett (16.0), 6-209 Rob Petitti (7.0)
NOR 2006 271.5 4-108 Jahri Evans (94.0), 7-252 Marques Colston (72.0), 7-210 Zach Strief (51.0), 5-135 Rob Ninkovich (45.0), 2-43 Roman Harper (12.0)
SFO 2007 158.0 1-28 Joe Staley (47.0), 1-11 Patrick Willis (39.0), 4-126 Dashon Goldson (39.0), 3-97 Ray McDonald (26.0), 5-147 Tarell Brown (20.0)
ATL 2008 187.5 1-3 Matt Ryan (90.5), 2-37 Curtis Lofton (32.0), 3-98 Thomas DeCoud (29.0), 5-154 Kroy Biermann (24.0), 3-84 Harry Douglas (20.0)
GNB 2009 135.0 4-109 T.J. Lang (55.0), 1-26 Clay Matthews (51.0), 7-218 Brad Jones (17.0), 5-162 Jamon Meredith (12.0), 6-182 Jarius Wynn (6.0)
PIT 2010 169.5 6-195 Antonio Brown (85.0), 3-82 Emmanuel Sanders (38.0), 1-18 Maurkice Pouncey (32.5), 5-151 Chris Scott (6.0), 6-188 Jonathan Dwyer (6.0)
SEA 2011 171.0 5-154 Richard Sherman (76.0), 4-99 K.J. Wright (47.0), 7-242 Malcolm Smith (28.0), 6-173 Byron Maxwell (17.0), 1-25 James Carpenter (9.0)
SEA 2012 226.0 3-75 Russell Wilson (88.0), 2-47 Bobby Wagner (69.0), 7-225 J.R. Sweezy (36.0), 4-114 Jaye Howard (9.0), 4-106 Robert Turbin (8.0), 6-172 Jeremy Lane (8.0), 5-154 Korey Toomer (6.0)
GNB 2013 112.0 4-109 David Bakhtiari (57.0), 5-159 Micah Hyde (24.0), 2-61 Eddie Lacy (20.0), 4-122 J.C. Tretter (15.0), 6-193 Nate Palmer (7.0), 7-216 Charles Johnson (6.0)
OAK 2014 96.0 2-36 Derek Carr (29.0), 1-5 Khalil Mack (18.0), 3-81 Gabe Jackson (16.0), 7-219 T.J. Carrie (16.0), 4-107 Justin Ellis (12.0), 7-235 Shelby Harris (6.0)
MIN 2015 73.0 5-146 Stefon Diggs (26.0), 3-88 Danielle Hunter (25.0), 2-45 Eric Kendricks (19.0), 4-110 T.J. Clemmings (9.0)
DAL 2016 61.5 4-135 Dak Prescott (35.0), 1-4 Ezekiel Elliott (12.5), 3-67 Maliek Collins (10.0), 6-189 Anthony Brown (9.0)
NOR 2017 58.5 3-67 Alvin Kamara (25.0), 1-32 Ryan Ramczyk (18.5), 2-42 Marcus Williams (6.0)
IND 2018 35.0 2-36 Darius Leonard (14.0), 1-6 Quenton Nelson (7.0)
There are actually some "best drafts" before Super Bowl runs. Of course you have Tom Brady. But also the Steelers draft in 2002, the Chargers in 2001 and 2004, the Saints in 2006, the Packers in 2009 and the Seahawks in 2011/2012 as draft classes that came before SB wins or long stretches of success.

Best Picks

And the 10 best picks of the past twenty years. Tom Brady unsurprisingly leads the pack.
Year Tm Rnd Pick Player CarAV MedianAV AVDiff
2000 NWE 6 199 Tom Brady 175 0.0 175.0
2001 SDG 2 32 Drew Brees 164 41.0 123.0
2004 SDG 1 4 Philip Rivers 140 40.0 100.0
2005 GNB 1 24 Aaron Rodgers 135 36.5 98.5
2004 KAN 4 126 Jared Allen 99 3.0 96.0
2006 NOR 4 108 Jahri Evans 111 17.0 94.0
2001 CAR 3 74 Steve Smith 103 10.0 93.0
2008 ATL 1 3 Matt Ryan 129 38.5 90.5
2002 CAR 1 2 Julius Peppers 129 41.0 88.0
2012 SEA 3 75 Russell Wilson 98 10.0 88.0

Total by Team

Lastly, we can look at the overall average if Relative AV for all picks in the last twenty years and get a sense of the best and worst drafting teams in that time (of course, older drafts with more AV are weighted more heavily). The teams at the top and bottom are not a surprise...
Franchise Average AV Diff Best Year AVDiff Best Picks (Relative AV) Worst Year AVDiff Worst Picks (Relative AV)
Packers 8.64 1999 195.0 7-213 Donald Driver (75.0), 4-131 Aaron Brooks (60.0), 3-87 Mike McKenzie (42.0), 3-94 Cletidus Hunt (23.0), 4-133 Josh Bidwell (15.0) 2001 -36.0 1-10 Jamal Reynolds (-29.0), 2-41 Robert Ferguson (-13.0), 4-105 Bill Ferrario (-6.0), 3-72 Torrance Marshall (-3.0)
Panthers 8.16 2005 154.0 1-14 Thomas Davis (48.0), 6-207 Joe Berger (37.0), 5-169 Geoff Hangartner (35.0), 3-79 Evan Mathis (32.0), 6-189 Jovan Haye (23.0) 2016 -2.0 1-30 Vernon Butler (-9.0), 5-141 Zack Sanchez (-5.0)
Chargers 7.94 2004 333.0 1-4 Philip Rivers (100.0), 3-66 Nick Hardwick (58.0), 5-154 Michael Turner (53.0), 4-98 Shaun Phillips (45.0), 7-209 Shane Olivea (31.0), 2-35 Igor Olshansky (17.0), 5-133 Dave Ball (13.0), 3-65 Nate Kaeding (12.0) 2014 -15.5 3-89 Chris Watt (-7.0), 1-25 Jason Verrett (-6.5), 2-50 Jeremiah Attaochu (-2.0)
Steelers 7.93 2002 203.5 7-242 Brett Keisel (58.0), 4-128 Larry Foote (57.0), 3-94 Chris Hope (39.0), 2-62 Antwaan Randle El (30.0), 1-30 Kendall Simmons (14.5) 2008 -10.5 2-53 Limas Sweed (-18.0), 3-88 Bruce Davis (-10.0)
Ravens 7.43 2003 171.0 1-10 Terrell Suggs (77.0), 4-109 Jarret Johnson (47.0), 5-146 Aubrayo Franklin (38.0), 5-173 Tony Pashos (34.0) 2015 -5.5 1-26 Breshad Perriman (-13.5), 4-136 Tray Walker (-4.0), 2-55 Maxx Williams (-3.0)
Colts 7.37 2006 165.5 6-207 Antoine Bethea (59.0), 6-199 Charlie Johnson (53.0), 2-62 Tim Jennings (35.0), 1-30 Joseph Addai (15.5) 2013 -8.0 1-24 Bjoern Werner (-17.0), 5-139 Montori Hughes (-4.0), 6-192 John Boyett (-2.0)
Patriots 7.0 2000 196.0 6-199 Tom Brady (175.0), 4-127 Greg Randall (16.0), 7-239 Patrick Pass (9.0) 2008 -19.0 3-78 Shawn Crable (-10.0), 2-62 Terrence Wheatley (-8.0), 3-94 Kevin O'Connell (-8.0), 6-197 Bo Ruud (-3.0)
Seahawks 6.99 2012 226.0 3-75 Russell Wilson (88.0), 2-47 Bobby Wagner (69.0), 7-225 J.R. Sweezy (36.0), 4-114 Jaye Howard (9.0), 4-106 Robert Turbin (8.0), 6-172 Jeremy Lane (8.0), 5-154 Korey Toomer (6.0) 1999 5.5 1-22 Lamar King (-8.5), 3-77 Brock Huard (-5.0), 3-82 Karsten Bailey (-5.0)
Falcons 6.97 2008 187.5 1-3 Matt Ryan (90.5), 2-37 Curtis Lofton (32.0), 3-98 Thomas DeCoud (29.0), 5-154 Kroy Biermann (24.0), 3-84 Harry Douglas (20.0) 2006 -16.0 2-37 Jimmy Williams (-30.0), 6-184 Adam Jennings (-5.0)
Saints 6.83 2006 271.5 4-108 Jahri Evans (94.0), 7-252 Marques Colston (72.0), 7-210 Zach Strief (51.0), 5-135 Rob Ninkovich (45.0), 2-43 Roman Harper (12.0) 2003 -33.0 1-6 Johnathan Sullivan (-51.0), 3-86 Cie Grant (-12.0)
Cowboys 6.55 2005 214.5 1-11 DeMarcus Ware (65.0), 7-224 Jay Ratliff (55.0), 4-132 Chris Canty (43.0), 4-109 Marion Barber (30.0), 2-42 Kevin Burnett (16.0), 6-209 Rob Petitti (7.0) 2009 -30.0 3-75 Robert Brewster (-9.0), 3-69 Jason Williams (-7.0), 4-101 Stephen McGee (-5.0), 4-120 Brandon Williams (-3.0), 5-166 Michael Hamlin (-2.0), 6-197 Stephen Hodge (-2.0)
Jets 6.54 2000 147.5 3-78 Laveranues Coles (62.0), 1-13 John Abraham (50.0), 1-18 Chad Pennington (32.5), 1-12 Shaun Ellis (28.0) 2003 -23.5 1-4 Dewayne Robertson (-18.5), 3-85 B.J. Askew (-8.0)
Bears 6.37 2003 144.0 3-68 Lance Briggs (86.0), 2-35 Charles Tillman (38.0), 5-143 Justin Gage (22.0), 5-139 Bobby Wade (19.0), 4-116 Ian Scott (16.0) 2012 -5.5 1-19 Shea McClellin (-16.5), 3-79 Brandon Hardin (-10.0), 4-111 Evan Rodriguez (-9.0)
Eagles 6.0 2002 176.0 3-91 Brian Westbrook (63.0), 7-238 Raheem Brock (41.0), 2-59 Sheldon Brown (34.0), 1-26 Lito Sheppard (23.0), 2-58 Michael Lewis (19.0) 2003 -18.0 1-15 Jerome McDougle (-29.0), 3-95 Billy McMullen (-7.0), 4-131 Jamaal Green (-2.0)
Cardinals 5.61 2004 221.0 3-64 Darnell Dockett (62.0), 2-33 Karlos Dansby (61.0), 5-135 Antonio Smith (54.0), 1-3 Larry Fitzgerald (26.0), 6-167 Nick Leckey (13.0), 4-100 Alex Stepanovich (6.0) 2006 -28.0 1-10 Matt Leinart (-34.0), 6-177 Jonathan Lewis (-3.0)
Texans 5.55 2006 128.5 3-66 Eric Winston (48.0), 2-33 DeMeco Ryans (32.0), 4-98 Owen Daniels (28.0), 1-1 Mario Williams (17.5), 7-251 David Anderson (6.0) 2005 3.0 1-16 Travis Johnson (-11.0), 3-73 Vernand Morency (-4.0), 4-114 Jerome Mathis (-2.0)
49ers 5.5 2005 190.0 3-65 Frank Gore (84.0), 1-1 Alex Smith (55.0), 3-94 Adam Snyder (23.0), 5-137 Ronald Fields (12.0), 2-33 David Baas (9.0), 7-215 Daven Holly (9.0) 2012 -27.0 1-30 A.J. Jenkins (-23.0), 2-61 LaMichael James (-13.0), 5-165 Darius Fleming (-3.0)
Broncos 5.21 2006 218.0 4-119 Brandon Marshall (71.0), 4-126 Elvis Dumervil (54.0), 1-11 Jay Cutler (41.0), 5-161 Chris Kuper (31.0), 2-61 Tony Scheffler (16.0), 4-130 Domenik Hixon (6.0) 2009 -73.5 2-48 Darcel McBath (-21.0), 2-64 Richard Quinn (-20.0), 2-37 Alphonso Smith (-14.0), 1-18 Robert Ayers (-12.5), 1-12 Knowshon Moreno (-10.0), 6-174 Tom Brandstater (-2.0)
Titans 5.16 2008 113.0 1-24 Chris Johnson (49.0), 7-229 Cary Williams (29.0), 4-103 William Hayes (25.0), 2-54 Jason Jones (13.0) 2003 -33.5 1-28 Andre Woolfolk (-33.5), 2-60 Tyrone Calico (-15.0)
Jaguars 4.86 2000 111.5 2-60 Brad Meester (63.0), 7-245 Danny Clark (39.0), 7-241 Rob Meier (30.0), 3-92 T.J. Slaughter (15.0), 5-159 Kiwaukee Thomas (8.0) 2008 -28.0 1-8 Derrick Harvey (-25.0)
Giants 4.81 2003 144.0 5-160 David Diehl (66.0), 2-56 Osi Umenyiora (42.0), 7-255 Kevin Walter (35.0), 6-207 Frank Walker (14.0), 3-91 Visanthe Shiancoe (10.0), 7-249 Wayne Lucier (8.0) 2012 -13.0 1-32 David Wilson (-20.0), 3-94 Jayron Hosley (-4.0), 4-127 Adrien Robinson (-2.0)
Chiefs 4.81 2008 126.5 3-73 Jamaal Charles (54.0), 5-140 Brandon Carr (48.0), 6-170 Barry Richardson (18.0), 2-35 Brandon Flowers (17.0), 1-5 Glenn Dorsey (12.5) 2002 -21.0 1-6 Ryan Sims (-35.0), 2-43 Eddie Freeman (-28.0)
Bengals 4.71 2006 182.0 2-55 Andrew Whitworth (76.0), 4-123 Domata Peko (54.0), 3-91 Frostee Rucker (29.0), 1-24 Johnathan Joseph (27.0) 1999 -32.5 1-3 Akili Smith (-86.5), 2-33 Charles Fisher (-18.0), 4-98 Craig Yeast (-2.0)
Bills 4.56 2001 151.0 2-46 Aaron Schobel (41.0), 3-76 Ron Edwards (29.0), 2-58 Travis Henry (23.0), 3-95 Jonas Jennings (21.0), 1-21 Nate Clements (20.0), 5-144 Marques Sullivan (8.0), 6-196 Jimmy Williams (8.0) 2010 -27.0 2-41 Torell Troup (-14.0), 3-72 Alex Carrington (-13.0), 1-9 C.J. Spiller (-7.0), 4-107 Marcus Easley (-6.0), 5-140 Ed Wang (-2.0)
Dolphins 4.46 2010 99.5 5-163 Reshad Jones (39.0), 3-73 John Jerry (19.0), 5-145 Nolan Carroll (19.0), 2-40 Koa Misi (15.0), 1-28 Jared Odrick (7.5) 2006 -28.0 1-16 Jason Allen (-34.0), 4-114 Joe Toledo (-17.0)
Vikings 4.06 2003 115.0 1-9 Kevin Williams (55.0), 3-71 Nate Burleson (34.0), 2-40 E.J. Henderson (21.0), 4-105 Onterrio Smith (6.0) 2005 -65.5 1-7 Troy Williamson (-36.0), 1-18 Erasmus James (-29.5), 3-80 Dustin Fox (-12.0), 2-49 Marcus Johnson (-4.0), 4-112 Ciatrick Fason (-4.0)
Redskins 3.35 2012 106.0 4-102 Kirk Cousins (43.0), 6-173 Alfred Morris (32.0), 6-193 Tom Compton (15.0), 4-119 Keenan Robinson (11.0), 1-2 Robert Griffin (9.0) 2000 -12.5 3-64 Lloyd Harrison (-9.0), 1-2 LaVar Arrington (-8.5), 5-155 Quincy Sanders (-3.0), 4-129 Michael Moore (-2.0)
Rams 3.17 2005 148.5 7-250 Ryan Fitzpatrick (68.0), 3-81 Richie Incognito (48.0), 3-66 O.J. Atogwe (26.0), 2-50 Ron Bartell (10.0) 2006 -88.0 1-15 Tye Hill (-38.0), 2-46 Joe Klopfenstein (-33.0), 3-93 Dominique Byrd (-12.0), 3-68 Claude Wroten (-5.0), 3-77 Jon Alston (-3.0)
Lions 3.14 2001 122.0 2-50 Dominic Raiola (50.0), 2-61 Shaun Rogers (41.0), 1-18 Jeff Backus (19.0) 2006 -35.0 2-40 Daniel Bullocks (-29.0), 1-9 Ernie Sims (-12.0), 3-74 Brian Calhoun (-6.0), 6-179 Dee McCann (-5.0)
Raiders 3.03 2014 96.0 2-36 Derek Carr (29.0), 1-5 Khalil Mack (18.0), 3-81 Gabe Jackson (16.0), 7-219 T.J. Carrie (16.0), 4-107 Justin Ellis (12.0), 7-235 Shelby Harris (6.0) 2001 -33.0 1-28 Derrick Gibson (-30.0), 2-59 Marques Tuiasosopo (-17.0), 5-158 Ray Perryman (-2.0)
Buccaneers 2.71 2008 93.0 1-20 Aqib Talib (38.0), 3-83 Jeremy Zuttah (35.0), 6-175 Geno Hayes (29.0) 2004 -14.0 1-15 Michael Clayton (-16.0), 3-79 Marquis Cooper (-10.0)
Browns 2.09 2002 69.0 5-141 Andra Davis (42.0), 4-101 Kevin Bentley (21.0), 3-76 Melvin Fowler (15.0), 4-111 Ben Taylor (14.0), 7-227 Joaquin Gonzalez (6.0) 2001 -23.0 1-3 Gerard Warren (-42.0), 2-33 Quincy Morgan (-21.0), 5-134 Jeremiah Pharms (-3.0)
​I know it was a lot to read, so if you did hope you enjoyed it. I'm always happy to answer specific analysis questions (e.g. what was team X's best and worst draft and where do those rank)
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r/FloridaGators Tournament: AFL Matchups - Game 1

Hey Everyone! This is the Matchups and Arguments for all of the AFL Matchups. This is where the teams will argue to you why they should win against their opponent. Voting will open at 9pm Tonight!
Here is the hub post to the Florida Gators Tournament.

AFL Matchups

TebowTime VS Caught Red Hernandez

1. Team - Tebow Time

Offense - Depth Chart
Defense - Depth Chart

2. Why We Will Win

Before getting into why TebowTime will surely defeat Caught Red Hernandez, I would like to explain our team and why we chose some of our more notable selections.
The random drawing for the picks was in our favor and we recieved the first overall pick so there was no other option besides Tim Tebow, the most well-known player in Gator history and one of the most successful college athlete the University of Florida has ever seen, and he could even be considered the greatest college football player of all time His accolades and play speak for himself, as well as his off the field actions. During his time at Florida, in which he used all four years of eligibility, he not only was successful on the field (Heisman trophy, 2x SEC player of the year, 2x National champ, etc.), but he was a great example of leadership and character for the university. We knew he would be the perfect leader for our team, and the immediate choice for the number one overall pick.
Early in the draft, we had about 5 or 6 I had about 5 or 6 players, on my original draft board, that I really wanted to select early if they were there. After Tebow, one of the next highest guys on my board was Wes Chandler, a WR. This was a guy I had never heard of before this draft, but early into research I found out how much of a great player Chandler was. He was a two time All-American in the mid 70’s, named to the College Football Hall of Fame, and the number three overall pick in the 1978 NFL draft, leading to a successful NFL career. Besides being a great player, he showed leadership off the field, being named an Academic All-American, being awarded the Fergie Ferguson Award (Given "Senior football player who displays outstanding leadership, character and courage"), and having a coaching career after.
Lining up as well as Wide Receiver are Nat Moore (All SEC in 1972, led the NFL in receiving touchdowns in 1977, and does a lot of charity work, being named NFL Man of the Year in 1984) and Tyrie Cleveland. Cleveland was a surprise pick in the 17th to many, due to him not having even close to the accolades as other players still available. Part of this is recency bias on my part, as well as an emotional aspect, due to 2017 Tennessee being my first ever Florida game and being a big part of why I love Gator football. He is also a great athlete and a great special teams player, as a punt gunner and even recovered a blocked punt for a touchdown last season.
To fill in our backfield, we selected Larry Smith in the 5th round, who was 3x First Team All-SEC and a All American in the late 60’s. He was also awarded the Fergie Ferguson Award.
For our FLEX position, we wanted someone who could line up basically anywhere on the field, whether it be in the backfield or another slot receiver. We wanted speed so we selected Brandon James, who could also be used as a returner if necessary (2x First Team All-American returner).
Our offensive line has just as many accolades as the rest of the team, with four out of the five being named First team All-American and the fifth being named Second Team. Tackle Mike Pearson was successful off the field during his time at Florida as well, being named to the SEC academic Honor Roll twice. Guard Shannon Snell owns a Sonny’s barbecue and supplies the food to the recruiting barbecue the last few years, so he’s at least partly responsible for a couple commits a year. Center Guy Dennis was an excellent leader, being awarded the Fergie Ferguson award in 1968. Guard John Barrow played both offensive and defensive line for the Gators and is considered one of the greatest CFL players of all team, being named to their hall of fame, and was even briefly a GM in the Great White North. Tackle David Williams was another All-SEC team captain that ended his career as a Gator as a first round pick in 1989.
With our pick at the end of the second round, we were lucky enough to select probably the best or second best defensive player to ever wear Orange and Blue, Linebacker Wilber Marshall, the second member of our team in the Ring of Honor. The 2x Consensus All-American was a threat to any opposing offense from 1980 to 1983. Lining up next to him are Sammy Green, another Consensus All-American, and Johnny Rutlege, a First and Second Team All-SEC selection that played for Spurrier in the late 90’s, winning a couple SEC titles and a national title. Averaging one Consensus All-American selection and 1.66666 (repeating, of course) First Team All-SEC selections a piece, this would probably be our strongest unit, if not for the Double-A All-Star at quarterback.
Our defensive line has two ends that I had my eye on from the start, Forest K. Ferguson and Dale Van Sickel. Both I had wanted, not just because of their football careers, which were extremely successful (Van Sickel is in the College Football Hall of Fame and Ferguson was First Team All-SEC), but for what they did after of football. Ferguson is the more well-known of the two. He joined the Army as an officer during World War II, earning the Distinguished Service Cross for his heroic actions in June of 1944. He later died from his injuries suffered in the war and, shortly after, has an award given out to the senior captain that “displays outstanding leadership, character, and courage”. Van Sickel, after graduating from Florida, became a successful Hollywood stunt performer, even having a role in Spartacus.
Between these two Gator Legends, defensive tackles Gerard Warren, who had a successful career under Spurrier from 1998 to 2000 and being selecting with the number 3 overall pick in 2001, and William Gaines, who was First Team All-SEC in 1993, anchor the defense and will be successful stopping the run.
Our secondary, headlined by star corners Vernon Hargreaves II (2x First Team All-American and 3x All-SEC) and Fred Weary (Career interception leader at Florida, Consensus All-American, and 2x First Team All-SEC) is another strength of the team. Bruce Bennett, who played under our head coach, was an All-American and had a very successful CFL career, and Marquand Manuel, who has had a successful career coaching DBs and defenses, would succeed in coverage based off of their smart play. At head coach, we have Ray Graves, one of the more underrated coaches in Florida football history. He had a successful 10 year coaching career at Florida, winning 70 games and four bowl games, and was named to the College Football Hall of Fame in 1990. He coached multiple of our players, including Larry Smith and Bruce Bennett, and coached other notable players like Steve Spurrier. He was also an innovator on the defensive side of the ball, as he is credited with creating the modern alignment of the free and strong safety. Besides being successful on the field, one of the things Graves succeeded at the best was making sure his players succeeded off the field as well, which was a big part of our plan in this draft. 93 percent of his players graduated with Bachelor’s degrees and more than half of them continued their education and received either law or medical degrees. Graves also served as the Athletic Director while coaching, and kept that job for ten years after he finished coaching.
The main reason I believe we will easily defeat Caught Red Hernandez is because of our spread offense, headed by probably the best spread college quarterback of all time, Tim Tebow. Tebow would be able to spread the ball around to “Gator Greats” Chandler and Larry Smith. Cleveland would force either Maye or Johnson to have to respect him as a deep threat, leaving other players open short. Our offensive line, whose job is made slightly easier by Tebow’s running ability, are no slouches either, with 4 First team All-Americans (and one second team) and 7 All-SEC nominations between them. Also, Shannon Snell would be able to distract Caught Red Hernandez’s defensive line with barbecue from the Sonny’s he owns (especially Polite, who showed up “fat and out of shape to the combine”, and Culpepper, who is probably starving after being on Survivor for like the seventh time). On the defensive side of the ball, Wilber Marshall and Sammy Green would command the middle of the field, while VH3 shuts down any receiver lined up against him. On the other side of the field, Fred Weary has a decent chance at intercepting any pass Shane Matthews throws his away. Bruce Bennett and Marquand Manuel, both excellent leaders, would be able to assist the linebackers and outside corners in coverage if necessary. Manuel, being a defensive coach now, would be able to lead the defense if necessary. Our defensive line, anchored on the outside by two older Gator legends, Forest K. Ferguson and Dale Van Sickel. Ferguson, being an Army officer after his playing career was over, is another player on the team with excellent leadership and discipline; Van Sickel, being a Hollywood stuntman, isn’t afraid to get hurt and can probably sell the hell out of a questionable hold. Anchoring the interior offensive line is the 330+ pound Gerard Warren, who would almost surely require a double team by the CRH interior offensive line, making it easier for Van Sickel, Ferguson, William Gaines, or a blitzing linebacker to the get the stop.
Because this is a big matchup and Caught Red Hernandez is coached by Bob Stoops, there will also likely be an appearance from “Big Game Bob”, making it easier for TebowTime to come out on top.
As we have probably the greatest offensive and defensive players (Tebow and Marshall) to ever suit up for Florida, plus the rest of our roster including quite a few legendary Gator players , I believe that TebowTime would be able to easily defeat Caught Red Hernandez. Also, besides picking players that excelled on the football field, we also tried to pick players that lived up to “The Gator Standard” of leadership and success off the field, with a few being award the Fergie Ferguson award and being successful in the classroom.
Also, our mascot, thehammerking, is definitely better than Zlat and can definitely beat him up.

1. Team - Caught Red Hernandez

Offense - Depth Chart
Defense - Depth Chart

2. Why We Will Win

  • The spread can be either a run oriented offense or it can be pass oriented. Stoops, CRH's coach, has ran both and has shown that he can adjust to his players, seeing that DeMarco Murray was given plenty of carries in 2008.
  • Greatest RB in Gator history, 3x Super Bowl champ, Super Bowl MVP, 8x Pro Bowl, 4x First team All-Pro, NFL MVP, all time NFL leading rusher, and unanimous All-American Emmitt Smith would be a monster with this scheme.
  • Our OL is stacked. At tackle, we have Jason Odom, the only Gator OL to ever have been a unanimous All-American, and Kenyatta Walker, who was designated as the best lineman in the entire SEC in 2000. At guard, we have Jeff Zimmerman and Crawford Ker, who, among their All-American and All-SEC appearances, were 2/3 of the legendary linemen in the Great Wall of Florida, the greatest OL Florida's ever fielded. At center, we have Maurkice Pouncey, who is arguably the best Gator lineman to have ever played. 7 Pro Bowls (with more to come), consensus All-American, and a Rimington winner, he completes our monster OL.
  • Our starting WR is Chris Doering, who caught 31 TDs at Florida, an SEC record to this day. Following him is Antonio Callaway, who ran a 4.41 40. When defenses would come up to try to stop our monster OL and Emmitt Smith, Callaway would burn them deep, as we've seen before. We also have Travis McGriff, whose quickness in the slot fits perfectly into our spread offense, and was another product of Spurrier's Fun N Gun, along with Doering. Chris Rainey at FLEX is a mismatch machine. TT has no one on defense that can replicate Rainey's quickness when coming out of the backfield for a pass or running with the ball.
  • Our QB, Shane Matthews, was a 3x first team All-SEC selection and a 2x SEC PotY. He finished his college career having completed 722 of 1,202 attempts for 9,287 yards and seventy-four touchdowns, and was a team captain and the Gators' most valuable player during his final season.
  • Our defensive tackles, Brad Culpepper and Trace Armstrong, might be the best defensive tackles the Gators have ever had. Culpepper was a consensus All-American and Trace Armstrong was a first team All-American (only playing 1 year for Florida) and Pro Bowler. Both were anchors in their respective dominant D-Lines and you will have a hard time running up the middle against them.
  • Jachai Polite and Jeremy Mincey were both monsters on the edge. Mincey would be the strong side DE to shore up runs and we've all seen what Polite can do on a pass rush.
  • Brandon Spikes was a TWO TIME consensus All-American. He and Wilber Marshall are the only Gator LBs with such accolades.
  • Andra Davis and Mike Peterson were both stud linebackers with All-American awards.
  • Janoris Jenkins is one of the best corners in our storied history at the position and has a Pro Bowl selection. He is alongside Dee Webb, who as a junior in 2005, led the SEC in passes defended and was a first team all-SEC selection. With 40 times of around 4.45 for both corners, no receivers have a chance at burning these guys in man coverage.
  • Todd Johnson was a monster strong safety that garnered multiple all-SEC awards and went on to have a long NFL career. He finished his college career with 284 tackles and nine picks.
  • Marcus Maye is super versatile and was a big part of establishing us as DBU. He and Todd Johnson would mix extremely well, as Johnson could almost be a 4th linebacker while Maye could drop back in case of a passing play.
Arguments against TebowTime
  • TebowTime's interior offensive line would fail to repel Brad Culpepper or Trace Armstrong. While the linemen are good, they fail to come close to Culpepper's consensus All-American status or Trace Armstrong's Pro Bowl selection. These are the best DTs in Gator history going against offensive linemen who would have to be looked up by most Gator fans. Combine that with Tebow's poor throwing motion and release, and a lot of balls will be swatted down. Some strip sacks might happen, too.
  • Wes Chandler was great, but Janoris Jenkins would match up against him well. There is no big height or speed mismatch for Chandler here. Janoris is a great man corner and would limit what Chandler would do in this matchup.
  • Tyrie Cleveland's has elite speed, but unfortunately lacks in route running. He's a great burner, but between Dee Webb's speed, Marcus Maye's smart coverage, and Stoops's defensive genius, there won't be a opening downfield to exploit.
  • Nat Moore was a talented receiver in the NFL but during his time at Florida, he was a runningback. His honorable mention All-American and first team all-SEC designations, as well as his other UF accolades, were for a different position than the one he is listed at for TT. While playing for the Dolphins, his stats were inflated by playing with Bob Griese and Dan Marino.
  • Brandon James was a Devin Hester type, primarily a return specialist.
  • Tebow and Larry Smith are both great, but they will not have the time in the pocket or running lanes to have an impact. Especially for Smith, who is being asked to have the job of a modern day spread offense runningback, despite having played in the 60s for Florida. It isn't a good fit.
  • TebowTime's great LB corps won't matter when the defensive line gets bullied by our massive offensive line. Their DTs are good but nowhere near the caliber needed to deal with Maurkice Pouncey and remnants of the Great Wall of Florida. As for Ferguson and Van Sickel, both were born before women had the right to vote. Needless to say, the game has changed a LOT since these guys played (they're massively undersized, especially Van Sickel at 5'10), and they wouldn't be able to generate any pressure on Jason Odom or Kenyatta Walker. Also, Ferguson was a better receiver for Florida than a defensive end, just saying.
  • TebowTime's secondary is built to defend the pass. They match up poorly against our offense. Vernon Hargreaves had serious problems defending the outside run, and seeing as Wilber Marshall can only be in one place, Bob Stoops would easily manipulate this to either run outside and have Emmitt Smith destroy Vernon Hargreaves, or get Hargreaves in a mismatch covering an elite receiver like Doering or a speedster like Callaway or Rainey. While TT's defense has some great players, it fails to adequately match up to our offense, and is exploitable.
  • Also, Bob Stoops is a national championship winning head coach and defensive coordinator, and has won 10 big 12 championships as head coach. Ray Graves never won his conference in 10 years of being Florida's HC.

Codebreakers VS 908 Group

1. Team - Codebreakers

Offense Depth Chart
Defense Depth Chart

2. Why We Will Win

Offensive Strategy
Urban Meyer famously ran the Spread Option Offense while at UF and won 2 National Championships in his time here. It is our belief as the Front Office that based off of Meyer’s success over his career he should have no issues beating the defense he’s been presented with.
At his disposal he has Quarterback Chris Leak, who Coach Meyer won an SEC and National Championship with in 2006. He also has what we believe to be one of the strongest offensive lines in the history of Florida Football, anchored by Trent Brown and 2 members of The Great Wall. In addition to these pieces on the line of scrimmage we have former 5 star tackle Martez Ivey who was a solid player in his UF career and Jeff Mitchellwhose resume and impact of UF’s 1996 National Championship season cannot be understated. Running behind this stellar offensive line is UF’s All Time Leading Rusher Eric Rhett. In his UF career Rhett racked up 34 touchdowns and 4,163 rushing yards, as well as 1,230 receiving yards which would make him the type of versatile and explosive back perfect for an Urban Meyer offense.
Our game plan on offense is to feed Eric Rhett early and often, and while McGrew and Alex Brown are good run defenders we think that we can run the football right at David Galloway and there would be little he could do about it. Galloway was considered to be much more of a pass rusher and is very light for a defensive linemen, weighing in at 225. We think that by spreading out “The 908 Groups” linebackers we can play the numbers game all up and down the field. Open running lanes will give Eric Rhett the opportunity to hit holes and use his break away speed to get deep into the secondary of the 908 Group and force their defensive backs to tackle him in space, which is no easy feat considering that even if they’re able to get their hands on Rhett bringing him down is no easy task..
When the defense for the 908 Group started cheat up we have full confidence that our receiving core which features Dallas Baker the Touchdown Maker, Ricky Nattiel who is one of the most heartwarming success stories in UF history and former 5 star wide receiver Trevon Grimes who is an explosive athlete with great size. Another deadly option is a swing pass out to Ciatrick “C4” Faison who can outrun anyone on the field. With Urban calling the plays we don’t see a scenario in which the opposing defense can consistently stop our offense.
Defensive Strategy
Stopping a Steve Spurrier led offense with Will Grier at the helm will be no easy accomplishment. Fortunately for us our pass defense is among the strongest you’ll see, our secondary has 36 interceptions between them. Former All American Kewaiin Ratliff’s success as a defensive back is well known to anyone who follows Florida Football. Major Wright is one of the most intimidating safeties in the history of Florida Football, Teako Brown helped UF win a Natty in 1996 with his play at Strong Safety and Purifoy earned All SEC Honors before going to the NFL.
Our linebackers are some of the most athletic you’ll find and should have no issue moving sideline to sideline to help cover the pass, as well as filling their gaps in a run defense that features Kevin Carter who was an All American defensive end and played 14 seasons in the NFL, Jon Bullard who is currently a member of the Chicago Bears (and everyone knows the strength of that team is the defensive line and linebackers) and Jabari Zuniga who is in line to be one of the next great defensive linemen to come out of UF. These linemen, as well as Aex McCallister at the Buck, will have no problem getting through their line (who only has 1 All American among them) and consistently hurrying Grier. When given time at West Virginia (and UF before being suspended for PEDS, then leaving the program) Grier was a good passer, but when hurried he was much more mistake prone and often held onto the football too long which resulted in sacks or errant passes where our defensive backs will thrive and add to their combined 36 career interceptions. We also never got to see how Grier fared against an elite college defense, as his time in the SEC was very limited before he jumped ship for the Big 12.
We feel like the 908 Group will attempt to attack us through the air early and often, as their rushing attack is nothing to write home about. And while their passing attack seems to be a legitimate threat we feel that it’s a method of offense that is unsustainable with the pass rush that Grier will be facing.
Let’s also not forget, our mascot is THE ONE, THE ONLY u/FloridaGators because we are the only team worthy of being sponsored by the team’s official reddit account. If that doesn’t say Florida Gators champion we aren’t sure what does.

1. Team - 908 Group

Offense - Depth Chart
Defense - Depth Chart

2. Why We Will Win

“The Codebreakers are still doing cartwheels because they went 7-6 and won a bowl.”

Spurrier is my Head Coach!

He has so many weapons. Before you vote please consider these facts:


Reidel Anthony, Jacquez Green and Jack Jackson were ALL-American’s and ALL-SEC WR’s. Not just good receivers, GREATreceivers and they are all on my team under the leadership of Steven Orr Spurrier. Each one of them is a game breaker. Do you have 3 lockdown corners to stop all of these guys? No? Well it’s going to be a long game for you.
Neal Anderson at RB still holds 3rd place all time on the Florida Gator’s rushing list. Along with the 3 aforementioned WR’s spreading the field this stud RB will show you why he was a 4x pro bowler in the NFL. You can’t crowd the line and anticipate the run to stop Anderson because my receivers will kill you on the back end. Choose your death.
Flex: Kadarius Toney - Go ahead and focus all your attention on the 3 ALL-American WR’s or the 3rd leading rusher in Florida History. If you ignore Toney he will find the open field and gash you. HE will severely punish you with his electric speed. Spurrier will find many ways to get him the ball. While the top 3 WR’s are running vertical every play, Mr. Toney will peal off into open space underneath and kill any hopes you had of a nice game. Who’s going to cover him? One of the LB’s on the field built to stop the run? SMH.
The offense runs through QB Will Grier. How good is Will Grier? I’m glad you asked. His career Passing Efficiency rating of 165.2 is 9th ALL TIME in the NCAA. ALL TIME. To put that into perspective: Danny Wuerffel is 11th all time and the team we’re playing with Chris Leak at QB, he’s not bad but he isn’t that good either coming in at 186th. (you read that correctly)
Sure we all wanted Tebow or Cam or Weurffel at QB but since we didn’t have the chance, I implore you to ignore your heart and look at the stats. Grier is a top tier College QB and Spurrier as his Head Coach and the personnel around him make him a great choice to lead our team.
The OL-is also a collection of All-SEC lineman. There are no holes on this team.
Mo Collins:1st rounder of the NFL Draft. Zach Piller: First team All-SEC, 3rd round pick. Cal Dixon: 2x All-SEC Center and 2nd team All-American, and he won The Jacob’s Blocking Trophy. Phil Tratwein: 2x All-SEC. Dan Fike: 2nd team All-SEC and played in the NFL for 10 seasons.


A very well rounded unit with Super Stars at all 3 levels.
Defense Front 7: (SEE BELOW) I hope you’re sitting down
All-Time FLORIDA GATOR Career SACK records
1. Alex Brown: 33 sacks 2. Alonzo Johnson: 27 sacks 3. Huey Richardson: 26.5 sacks 4. Clifford Chalrton: 25 sacks 5. David Galloway: 21 sacks
We own the top 4 career sack leaders in Florida Gator History! OUR FRONT 7 has 5 guys on the top 7 list!!! Does anyone else even have 2 of the top 10? Where is Wilber Marshall? Oh 5th.. He’s great but apparently I have 4 who were better sackers.. It’s also not all about sacks either. These guys are tremendous athletes who are also making tackles for losses. They are playmakers all over the field. Huey Richardson at BUCK: is a 6’5 238lbFirst Round draft pick.. WHAT?!
What about the secondary? They can’t be as good as the front 7, can they?


Name the consensus top CB to come through DBU: Joe Haden. Yup, he’s ours. Joe Haden is the premier lock down corner. Ryan Smith is the other corner and he was brought over from Utah and all he did was lead the nation in INT’s his only year with the mighty Gators. In fact, Ryan Smith’s 8 picks for a single season are 2nd all time and he’s my legit #2 corner.


Are you ready for this?
Who is the ONLY Defensive Back in FLORIDA GATOR History to win the JIM THORPE AWARD, recognizing the best defensive back in college football?
LAWRENCE “MOTHERFUCKING” WRIGHT. Out of all the DB’s that have come out of DBU only one has won this award and he anchors our last line of defense. With his devastating skills he is both safety, linebacker and KILLING MACHINE!
Tony Lilly will be manning the other safety position. First team All-SEC and Second Team All American who was a 3rd round draft pick in the NFL.
About our matchup:
Our opponent has Chris Leak at QB throwing to Dallas Baker, Ricky Nattiel and Trevon Grimes. Listen, I’m 100% Gator but these guys are just average. Ricky is good but I do have Joe Haden to shut that down. Grimes and Baker? Well, they aren’t all time greats we can all agree on that.
What about Errict Rhett? I’m glad you asked.. Well the Codebreakers made a fatal flaw designing their offense. Rhett is great… No doubt but WHO IS GOING TO BLOCK FOR HIM? Where is the Fullback? Where is the Blocking TE? Oh he doesn’t have those!!! He has 3 WR’s and a second RB. So, I bring Lawrence Wright into the box and we outnumber his blockers easily. Leak isn’t running and if Leak passes, he better hurry up, we’ve already discussed my prolific SACK EXCHANGE. But does it even matter if none of his WR’s are open?? He had the chance to choose some of the best players in history and Dallas Baker and Trevon Grimes are his 2 WR’s? um… ok..


This game is a complete mismatch and it does NOT favor Codebreakers at all. My offense led by Spurrier has all the weapons to dominate and the Defense is just as prolific. Stats and scheme back this up. Urban Meyer is a great coach but remember when he just had Leak and no Tebow? That team went to the Gator Bowl to play Iowa. Bet with your head and vote for the better team to win!
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A look at Agility overall as a skill

Long post so bear with me if I've made any mistakes. I was writing this while grinding out agility on my HC so was on partial auto pilot :p
Seen a few posts recently discussing peoples thoughts on agility as a skill, the rewards you get from it etc and even talks of potential new minigames being though about by the dev team in Q&A streams so I thought I'd throw in my input on it while I'm grinding it out on my HC (though not to 99 for a while yet... No way I can stomach another 29 levels in one go).
From what I've seen I think it's safe to say that the general consensus on agility is that it is not fun. I myself just listen to music while doing it and zone out, so I don't really notice it but I don't think I've ever heard anyone say that they actually enjoy the skill itself. As for the rewards for the skill, it's a very mixed bag. Some people are fine with them, others think that they shouldn't be locked behind other things such as diary rewards, some think that the diary rewards are okay but should be knocked down a peg or two.
The same can be said for agility courses. With the addition of rooftop courses, the originals have become pretty much unused (bar a select few). The only reason to enter any of them would be for clue scrolls, maybe a diary task etc. They have an inferior xp rate, no additional bonus such as the Mark of Grace and aren't as afkable.
The general levelling curve is 1-10, gnome stronghold, 10-20/30 Draynor rooftop, 20-30 al kharid rooftop, 30-40 varrock rooftop, 40-60 canifis rooftop, 60-80 seers rooftop, 80-90 brimhaven, 90-99 ardy rooftop or 80-99 ardy rooftop. Almost everything is rooftop agility these days. Werewolf agility course is the best xp in the game starting at 55 all the way to 99 but I barely hear anyone talk about it, as if it's forgotten content, while Brimhaven is the second best xp in the game until 99 where it reigns as king.
Agility Pyramid is used as a means of getting gp for some ironmen, netting 10k gp per run and netting up to 240k an hour while the other courses aren't considered anymore.
Graceful is obtainable with 260 MoGs and is probably the most used armour set in the entire game, increasing your run restoration by 30% when wearing all pieces. If you do all rooftop agility then you're likely to get the set around level 55 and it is a huge boost to your run restoration (Think of it like having 84-89 agility at 54-59) so what are the other bonuses that would make agility worth training all the way to 99?
The Agility Cape that you get once reaching 99 is considered the same as a graceful cape with higher defensive stats and a prayer bonus if trimmed, with one additional bonus. You can restore your run energy to 100% and give yourself the effect of using a stamina potion for 60 seconds... Once per day... Once.
Not a huge bonus considering all the other capes bonuses, such as infinite useful teleports from the construction and crafting capes, the ability to never burn food with the cooking cape, unlimited teleports and extra herbs with the farming cape, unlimited teleports with the fishing cape, a larger coal bag, goldsmith gauntlets and cheaper barrows repairs in the smithing cape. Granted a lot of these are probably more likely to be nerfed than others buffed (the rest with teleports or useful abilities are all limited to a certain amount a day, but are 3 or 5, not single use). I'd at least like to see something like the ability to teleport to any agility course 5 times a day added in, but I'd also like to see other 99 capes get looked at if that does happen. The fetching and Herblore capes for example are practically useless, offering a free mith grapple and bronze crossbow 3 times a day (seriously?) and a free mortar and pestle alongside not needing to clean herbs to make potions (which is not really useful tbh)
So what about the actual shortcuts, other than the faster energy gain every 6 levels and when you aren't running, how do these shortcuts actually fare in game compared to just going around them? While I don't have the requirements for some, as some are locked behind diaries, others behind quests and I'm not about to go and grind out 76-89 so I can time them all, please feel free to add in your own input on any that I may be wrong about or have not experienced personally.
Useful Shortcuts
Level 5 - Falador crumbling wall
Easy and quick access to Taverly dungeon from Falador West bank, great for blue dragon tasks, Cerberus etc. Alternative routes are crafting guild and run north, or run up to Doric and then back south after passing through the gate into Taverly, each requiring a much longer run time to do, making it an extremely useful shortcut at a low level requirement.
Level 12 - Brimhaven stepping stones
Low level shortcut that skips having to run all the way around, past fire giants and greater demons, cutting out a good 30 seconds if not more of travel time, similar to the crumbling wall in Falador.
Level 15 - Edgeville Dungeon monkey bars
Only way to access Earth Warriors, a task given by Vannaka who is also found in the same dungeon.
Level 16 - Yanille underwall tunnel
Useful low level shortcut if you haven't unlocked the ability to use the watchtower teleport inside Yanille, after this is unlocked it becomes a fast shortcut to access the agility dungeon (see level 40).
Level 20 - Coal Trucks log balance
Not amazingly useful and very niche but still useful in some cases. If travelling between Barb outpost and Seers, this shortcut saves a bit of time used running around the fishing guild.
Level 21 - GE underwall tunnel
No explanation needed. Quick access to GE from Edgeville and vise versa
Level 22 - Brimhaven pipe squeeze
Again not hugely useful, if killing moss giants here this saves having to chop an extra set of roots but doesn't really save a whole lot of time.
Level 23 - Observatory grapple
Requires 28 strength, 24 range, a mith grapple and a crossbow as well as completion of Observatory quest. Only requires the grapple to be used once and is then there permanently. Only use if for medium clue scrolls, but saves a lot of time when doing them.
Level 25 - Eagles Peak rock climb
As far as I know, this is only useful when doing the Eagles Peak quest. Still saves time when doing it so is a useful one time shortcut.
Level 26 - Falador underwall tunnel
Useful for travelling from Falador to crafting guild/Rimmington, possibly Port Sarim.
Level 30 - Brimhaven Dungeon log balance
Lowest agility level access to Red Dragons, others in the dungeon are 34, which is also further away and so not useful, or 83 which is faster but locked behind a much higher level requirement.
Level 31 - Champions Guild stepping stones
Used fairly often in the early game when using the Chronicle.
Level 32 - Catherby cliffside grapple
Requires 35 strength and 35 range. Only really useful for farm runs between the Catherby fruit tree and Taverly tree patches. It's a one way shortcut and has a chance of breaking your grapple each time you use it.
Level 36 - Water Obelisk Island grapple
Requires 22 strength and 39 ranged. One-way shortcut used when crafting water orbs. Unsure if this is slower or faster than just having Falador teleports in your invent. If slower then I don't see much of a use for it and so would be a useless shortcut, especially as it is one-way.
Level 37 - Gnome Stronghold rock climb
Useful if you don't have any games necklaces or fairy ring access. Once either of these are obtained it becomes useless.
Level 40 - Yanille Agility Dungeon balance ledge
Initial access to agility dungeon north of Yanille, unlocks chaos druid warriors which are slightly better versions of chaos druids, but also slightly stronger.
Level 40 - Kourend stepping stones
Not far from the Xeric's Look out teleport, is a faster method of reaching the mess hall/cooking area of the Hosidius house if you don't have Xeric's Heart teleport unlocked (Subject to change with the coming changes to Hosidius House)
Level 41,43,44&47 - Trollheim rock climbs
There are a few of these and so included them all in one. Each going in multiple directions. Some are useless, others are not, the useless ones are in the same level requirements as some useful ones so thought it better to just include them all.
Level 45 - Kourend river stepping stones
Good shortcut between PoH and Woodcutting guild. (Subject to change with coming changes to Hosidius House)
Level 45 Tirannwn log balance
Currently only really useful when completing the Regicide/Roving Elves quest line however may become more useful when Prifddinas is added.
Level 46&66 - Cosmic Temple narrow walkways
Each useful in their own right, the 66 surpassing the 44. Both giving a slightly faster travel time between the bank and the Cosmic Altar for runecrafting.
Level 49 - Yanille Agility Dungeon pipe squeeze
Access to Sinister Chest which has some good herb drops. Requires Sinister Key to open.
Level 50 - Morytania stepping stones
Access to the southern part of Mort Myre Swamp from a fairy ring, good for multiple clues and for the Nature Grotto. Requires fairy rings to be useful.
Level 51 - Edgeville Dungeon pipe squeeze
Quick access to Moss Giants from Vannaka, a task that he can give you.
Level 54 - Motherlode Mine wall crawl
Requires Medium Falador Achievement Diary completion. Low-mid skill level requirements for normal players. Fairly high farming for ironmen (47). Unlocks a slightly faster method of accessing the lower level mining areas without having to mine any rocks that fall down to block players paths. The requirements for this one aren't very high, 47 farming probably being the hardest thing to achieve (quests required are fairly easy) so I don't see an issue with this requirement myself. Becomes obsolete once the upper level is unlocked at 72 mining with 100 nuggets.
Level 57 - Yanille Agility Dungeon monkey bars
Unlocks access to Chaos Druids. This area can also be accessed by those with 82 thieving and a lockpick.
Level 60 - Wilderness GWD rock climb
Fast access to GWD using the Arceuus Cemetery teleport (71 magic) or Ancient Dareeyak teleport (78 magic). Also the same level is required to access the GWD if you do not have 60 strength to push the boulder.
Level 61 - Slayer Tower spiked chain
Fast access to aberrant spectres and gargoyles.
Level 62 - Fremennik Slayer Dungeon narrow crevice
Shortcut between Basilisks and Turoth. Skips having to go through Jellies and so is a decent time saver.
Level 64 - Trollheim to Wilderness rock climb
One-way, useful for killing Chaos Fanatic in level 20 wilderness Ruins if you don't have 78 magic and ancients unlocked.
Level 67 - Yanille Agility Dungeon pile of rubble
Final obstacle in the dungeon that gives access to Salarin the Twisted, who commonly (1/13) drops sinister keys.
Level 70 - Taverly Dungeon pipe squeeze
Very fast access to blue dragons. Removes the requirement of a dusty key and skips a very large travel time, cutting time between trips for blue dragons down significantly.
Level 70 - Saradomin's Encampment rope
Access to Commander Zilyana in GWD
Level 72 - Stronghold Slayer Cave tunnel
Quick access to aberrant spectres in the slayer cave.
Level 52&69&73 - Arceuus Essence Quarry boulder climbs
Each speeding up access to the essence mine when you first enter. With the 73 adding a decreased travel time to the blood altar for runecrafting. 73 is more of a necessity than a requirement here, making the other two obsolete and why I didn't include them until now.
Level 74 - Lava Dragon Isle stepping stone
Requires Wilderness Hard Diary completion.
While requirements are fairly high, this is a high traffic pvp zone and so I feel like the diary requirement is used well here. Those that have the requirements have a good chance of using it to escape pvp while it's not easy to unlock so not just anyone can access it.
Level 76 - Zul-Andra stepping stone
Great way to access Zulrah if you aren't getting 3 kill trips yet and so don't have an endless supply of teleports.
Level 79 - Kharazi Jungle vine climb
Requires completion of Legends Quest. Skips having to cut through multiple trees with a machete to access the jungle. Great for clue scrolls in the area.
Level 80 - Taverly Dungeon spiked blades jump
Fastest access to Cerberus without Key Master teleports.
Level 81 - Fremennik Slayer Dungeon spiked blades jump
Great time saver between Cave Crawlers and Pyrefiends. Skips both Rock Slugs and Cockatrice along a winding path.
Level 87 - Brimhaven Dungeon vine climb
Faster access to baby green dragons. A decent time saver at best.
Level 65/75/89 - Revenant Caves jumps
All fairly useful shortcuts to have in the rev caves both for escaping and engaging in pvp.
With that said, that leaves a fairly large number of shortcuts in the game that aren't mentioned, some of which are useful for very niche things, others that are just never used and some that would be useful but are locked behind diaries that make them useless. A few examples of these would be:
Level 66 - Lumbridge Swamp to Al Kharid stepping stone
Requires Lumbridge & Draynor Hard diary. This shortcut feels like it was created as another way to get to Kalphite Queen, however with it being locked behind 63 farming, 70 crafting, 59 runecrafting etc, as well as requiring you to unlock bones to peaches and complete Recipe for Disaster there are way too many requirements for this shortcut to even be worth considering. You may as well enter Zenaris slightly to the north and fairy ring there with BIQ or run to the Shanty Pass and just walk there. Even when the diary has been done I don't see anyone ever considering this shortcut as useful. If the fairy ring wasn't there and this wasn't locked behind a diary, then this might have been a useful shortcut.
Level 73 - Troll Stronghold wall climb
Requires My Arm's Big Adventure and Fremennik Hard Diary completion. Faster access to Trollheim disease free herb patch.
Diary requirements are fairly high, including Lunar Diplomacy, 72 magic, 70 mining, 75 thieving and 66 herblore. I may be wrong but upon completing the requirements for this shortcut, the teleport that is commonly used here (stony basalt) is even moved to the top of the shortcut, making this completely useless overall. If I am wrong however, this shortcut is useful (I don't have the diary done myself)
Level 77 - Shilo Village stepping stone
Requires Karamja Elite Diary completion. Only known usefulness is it gives better access to fly fishing in Shilo Village. The diary itself gives you unlimited teleports straight to Duradel as well as unlimited teleports to the gem mine, making the shortcut completely useless. Lowering the diary requirement to at least Hard would give players a reason to use the hard diary gloves as a means of reaching Duradel.
Level 83 - Brimhaven Dungeon stepping stones
Give the fastest access to red dragons but require you to complete Karamja Elite Diary, which requirements such as 91 runecrafting, 72 farming and 87 herblore. With red dragons being a fairly uncommon slayer task, as well as being a task you have to unlock through buying them, and a mob that very few if anyone would kill when not on task, this shortcut would see very little use. The addition of noted hide drops does help this (also requires the elite diary) but it feels like an extremely high set of requirements for a shortcut of this nature.
There are obviously others that I haven't mentioned like the Draynor wall tunnel, almost every grapple shortcut in existence (seriously who uses them?), Miscellania docks stepping stone etc but this post is already long enough.
If I've missed any shortcuts that you feel are useful then be sure to mention it below! I'd love to see what people think. Do you use courses other than rooftop, AP, Brimhaven and werewolf? If so, why? Are there any locations that you feel should have a shortcut added?
I may come back and tidy this up to look a bit more presentable if it proves popular, though with the few editing options available on reddit I don't know how that'd go.
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Descemer Bueno, Enrique Iglesias, Andra - Nos Fuimos Lejos ... Andra - Vina Mea (Official Video) - YouTube Tjäna pengar med binära optioner Trading Binära Optioner: kartläggning tillgångar Andra - Ionel Ionelule

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Descemer Bueno, Enrique Iglesias, Andra - Nos Fuimos Lejos ...

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